Migrate to QuanticMind, the premier Kenshoo alternative

Migrate from Kenshoo today and see the QuanticMind difference in your PPC results. Whether you need a new solution, or want to run parallel with Kenshoo, we have you covered.

QuanticMind’s data unification and machine learning platform powers the most advanced bidding available today. Boost profits, increase efficiency, and grow marketshare with granular optimization technology.

Find out what best-in-class technology and people can do for your SEM campaigns. Talk with our team today.

I don’t think I would ever use a different platform knowing that a platform like QuanticMind exists. The partnership for me will last for a lifetime.

Director Digital Marketing

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Time to Evaluate a Kenshoo Alternative?

QuanticMind helps you focus on peak performance

Having migrated dozens of customers from Kenshoo, QuanticMind is the choice Kenshoo Alternative for at-scale SEM advertisers.

The benefits in going with a best-in-class solution for Paid Search and PPC Optimization are:

  • All of your data, put to work
  • Superior bidding management
  • Improve your long-tail keywords
  • World-class Customer Success
  • Feel The QuanticMind Difference

    Infrastructure + Execution

    Built from the ground up to address the modern data environment, QuanticMind’s data-infrastructure powers the worlds most powerful bidding optimization technology.

    By unifying more of your business-critical data into our machine learning decision engine, you can unleash your SEM performance potential and leave your competitors in the dust.

    Join the world’s most sophisticated performance marketers in achieving peak PPC results through superior bidding automation and predictive analytics.

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    An Extension of Your Team


    Integrate all data that measures and influences your digital customer journey.


    Achieve peak digital campaign performance by applying Machine Learning and AI.


    Maintain your success with the partnership of a world-class Customer Success and Agency team.

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    Save millions in PPC spend by testing QuanticMind’s best-in-class bidding algorithms against Kenshoo