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Whether you need a new solution, or want to run parallel with Marin, Kenshoo, Adobe or Google Smart Bidding platforms, we have you covered. QuanticMind leverages more data than any other solution to feed into modern Machine Learning models, leading to the best possible results in paid search programs.

Having migrated dozens of customers from Legacy platforms, QuanticMind is the choice alternative for at-scale SEM advertisers.

The benefits in going with a best-in-class solution for Paid Search and PPC Optimization are:

Improved advertising results

Experience more conversions, revenue, and profits from optimally-placed ads. Let machine learning make precise bid decisions.

In-depth analytics and campaign management

Create granular insights whenever needed. Generate million-keyword reports within minutes. Make campaign updates across publishers in one UI.

Superior bidding management

Capitalize on automated adjustments including location, device, audience, and inventory for faster bid responses. Aim your campaigns at your specific business goals.

Improve your long-tail keywords

No manual foldering with long-tail keyword management. Utilize NLP and deep learning algorithms to bid on data-poor keywords for intelligent long-tail management.

All of your data, put to work

Any and all data sources relevant to your business are unified and unleashed on every PPC bid calculation. Even offline conversions, historical data, and CRM.

Responsive and experienced Customer Success team

Build a partnership with our experienced, thorough, and friendly team. We’re here to support you all day, any day.

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