How Windstar Cruises Saved 700K in PPC Spend with QuanticMind

Victor Hernandez

A case study with Victor Hernandez
Director, Digital Marketing & CRM @ Windstar

Working with QuanticMind, Windstar was able to:

Improve CPA 36%

Improve CVR 24%

Windstar Cruises was looking for leading-edge search engine marketing (SEM) technology to drive stronger digital marketing performance, and to conquer its growing data challenges.

To stay ahead of the competition, the travel leader found itself managing its significant portfolio of keywords across multiple dimensions, including time, location and user device, which turned bid management for these thousands of data points into a significant daily time investment.

It set out to find a solution that would intelligently automate and optimize bidding for its award-winning cruise lines and drive more conversions at constant spend.

The Results

Windstar found QuanticMind, a data science and machine learning-powered solution for its performance marketing programs. The solution’s ability to optimize at an extremely granular level significantly improved both its conversion rate (CVR) and its cost per acquisition (CPA).

In just three months of using QuanticMind’s cutting-edge technology, the company captured substantially more conversions year-over-year. The solution’s exclusive combination of granular data science and machine learning-powered bids at the keyword level cut wasted spend while capitalizing on every available opportunity.

By driving higher efficiency for each keyword, Windstar didn’t just drive higher conversions overall. It also simultaneously lowered costs, cutting the company’s total cost-per-acquisition (CPA) by double digits.


Empowered by these gains, Windstar continues to offer exceptional worldwide travel experiences. With QuanticMind, the Windstar team has seen stronger performance and even opportunities for career development, with team members rising through the ranks to new positions.


Founded in 1984, Windstar is the leader in boutique, small-ship cruises. The company serves 267 ports of call throughout Alaska, Asia and Latin America, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and Atlantic, and is the recipient of Conde Nast’s World’s Best Small Ship Cruise Line award.

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