Marketers: Stop Using Vanity Metrics To Value Your Marketing

Have you ever asked yourself whether the marketing metrics you’ve come to rely on are the most appropriate for your business model?

Traditional approaches to determining marketing success have often been focused on so-called vanity metrics, examples of which include page impressions, clicks, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Marketing leaders know that they must measure results in order to ascertain the effectiveness of their overarching strategy and justify budget assignment, yet too many have been paying attention to the wrong data points.

Fortunately, our latest Forrester report is here to help you understand the various metrics that your team should be focused on and how to start measuring your efforts with these performance-driven indicators. In this report – Marketers: Stop Using Vanity Metrics To Value Your Marketing – you’ll learn:

  • Why social metrics wrongly imply high intent to convert;
  • The reasons click-through rates falsely promise high influence;
  • How time spent on your website incorrectly assumes customer engagement;
  • The benefits that come from employing value-based metrics to quantify the impact of your campaigns;
  • Why leading indicator metrics can help predict business outcomes;
  • How diagnostic metrics can empower you to improve marketing efficiencies

The goal of any marketer should be to track what tactics and which initiatives are leading to customer acquisition, sales, and the metric that counts: revenue. Check out this report to learn where you should be investing your time and resources.

Marketers: Stop Using Vanity Metrics To Value Your Marketing

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