The Future of E-Commerce & Digital Stores featuring Forrester Research

What do you need to know to succeed in both e-commerce and digital stores? Get the complimentary March 2017 Forrester report “The Future of the Digital Store” when you watch this webinar.

In this webinar, featured speaker Fiona Swerdlow of Forrester Research covers the biggest changes in online retail – and the biggest new opportunities.

This webinar will provide you with:

  • The top new changes in online retail & digital stores, presented by Forrester Research
  • New strategies to succeed during the holiday season
  • Specific strategies and channels to help you outpace your competitors
  • The full Forrester Research report, “The Future of the Digital Store”

Featured Speakers:

  • Fiona Swerdlow, VP, Research Director at Forrester Research
  • Evan James, Product Marketer at QuanticMind
  • Charles Studt, VP, Marketing at QuanticMind