SEM Optimization Techniques: Are You Overpaying Google?

Are you overpaying for PPC keyword bids?

Optimization and efficiency is now the native language of performance marketers. Paid Search is one of the most powerful arenas for applying new optimization techniques, namely because of the amount of data that is collected and the statistics-based underpinning of each transaction.

Our eBook: “SEM Optimization Techniques: Are You Overpaying Google?” looks at the landscape of bidding optimization techniques, from tools to methodologies, plus looks at some blockers teams may face and the variability between average vs. great third party PPC optimization tools.

Learn the landscape of tools and techniques, such as:

  • Manual Bid Optimization
  • Google Tools, Scripts, and Smart Bidding
  • Folder-based Bid Methodology
  • Portfolio Bidding
  • Keyword-level Profit Maximization

Read about the following blockers to optimized bidding:

  • Sufficient Keyword Level Data
  • Automatic Bid Adjustments
  • Anomaly Detection and Monitoring
  • High Fidelity Modeling
  • Lower Priority for Performance

Plus, dig into why the following elements differentiate SEM optimization solutions:

  • Rigor of Machine Learning Models
  • Strong Infrastructural Capabilities
  • Data Unification and Execution

With the current data environment we live in, PPC marketing creates massive troves of click-level data, which is becoming the key and the fuel to unlock and boost SEM.

This eBook aims to help performance marketers like you find success in improving paid search results. Download today!

SEM Optimization Techniques: Are You Overpaying Google?

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