PPC Travel – Tackle Your PPC Travel Challenges

Let’s talk PPC travel, and the unique challenges that search engine marketing professionals who work in travel and hotels face. Join us and watch the replay that covers how new technology can power your PPC travel and hotel strategies.

As you probably know, Pay-Per-Click travel challenges aren’t exactly the same as those of other areas of paid search. You also probably know these PPC campaigns are extremely focused on geo targeting. They also emphasize highly specialized modifiers such as climate and weather. And, of course, you know it’s a very competitive field, where travel companies frequently need to battle for dominance in one or more specific territories to ensure their ads are in position one.

And with PPC for travel, these challenges also tend to mean frequent asks from other parts of your business on transparency and reporting:

  • What’s the status our program?
  • Why did a specific set of our ads suddenly drop out of position? (And why wasn’t that fixed yesterday?)

These and other challenges make PPC travel a fast-paced game that doesn’t always extend the courtesy of slowing down so we can all catch up. We’ll cover exactly how new technology helps travel SEM professionals stay ahead of the game.