Performance Marketing Playbook for CMOs

Got marketing challenges? Here’s the ultimate marketing playbook!

We know it’s a challenging time to be a marketing leader. But, then again, when hasn’t it been? On the other hand, the current marketing ecosystem is particularly hazardous; above all, the proliferation of advertising technologies and targeting options presents difficult dilemmas.

As a CMO or marketing leader, you may be pondering questions such as:

  • Which aspects of marketing should your team handle?
  • How much of your marketing should automation control?
  • Can outsourcing work for marketing tasks?
  • How can you make balanced decisions to outpace your competitors?

However, before you can solve the problem, you must understand the factors influencing the rough seas of performance marketing.

Our eBook—Performance Marketing Playbook for CMOs—guides you towards answering these questions. Backed by critical research from Gartner, this eBook:

  • dives into the impact of walled gardens
  • offers some tips on how to effectively evaluate your MarTech stack
  • discusses the sheer importance of data and artificial intelligence
  • assesses the value of agency support

That, and a whole lot more.

Download the marketing playbook today to explore our observations. Consequently, empowering your team with actionable strategies to get at the forefront of industry disruptions.

Performance Marketing Playbook for CMOs

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