Peddle Increased Revenue from PPC 200% Using QuanticMind

Peddle Increased Revenue from PPC 200% Using QuanticMind

Rob Bari

A case study with Rob Bari
Director of Marketing @ Peddle

Working with QuanticMind, Peddle was able to:

200% Revenue Growth from PPC

185% Conversion Growth from PPC

Rob has used AdWords to get the word out about Peddle’s services to consumers since 2007, when he first took over Search Engine Marketing. The company had tried several solutions to increase performance, including:

  • Using advertising management technology to manage ads
  • Working with a marketing agency
  • Evaluating additional legacy advertising management technology
  • Reconsidering, and ultimately rejecting, legacy advertising management solutions


After trying and failing with other solutions, Rob was at an impasse. He wanted to grow Peddle’s conversion volume — the number of people accepting offers on their cars. He also wanted to spend less time and money making it happen.

I was looking for something that was smart and could automate bidding as well as help with reporting. I wanted something that would monitor AdWords 24 hours a day.

He was also frustrated by the fact that paid channel growth seemed stagnant. While the business was in no real danger, growth from marketing had slowed.


Rob’s paramount goal was to empower his team to focus on more strategic efforts by leveraging intelligent technology to help manage the tedious SEM responsibilities through an automated bidding process. They also wanted a solution that allowed them to predict, adjust and make decisions based on accurate business data to increase company revenue as efficiently as possible. One thing that stood out: QuanticMind’s willingness to integrate with deeper-funnel business data that gave insight into the profitability of the leads that were generated.


Eventually, Rob concluded competitive solutions wouldn’t cut it, and that QuanticMind was the only choice. At first, he was a little concerned about working with a newer company, but after evaluating and weighing other options, he determined the risk was relatively low.

I knew QuanticMind was a young company, but I was excited about their ability to automate campaign management.

As it turns out, his excitement was well-founded. While working closely with QuanticMind, Rob discovered the integration was easy and the resulting data was extremely targeted. As sales metrics came in, he was able to replace estimated value with actual value. He now also relies upon:

  • Automated bidding
  • 24-hour AdWords monitoring
  • Thorough, granular reporting
  • Simple, instant campaign adjustments
  • Ability to forecast metrics, then adjust as data comes in

Once implemented, Peddle was able to fine-tune their marketing plan to target their precise goals. They continued to meet weekly with QuanticMind afterward to tweak, adjust and ensure great performance. Now?

I would refer QuanticMind to anyone, except our competitors.


While it took a little time to sort out what data types were useful and fine-tune campaigns, Rob now has an efficient, automated marketing machine. In partnership with QuanticMind, Peddle was able to achieve all their SEM goals, including increasing conversion volume 185% and overall revenue growth 200%. And Rob has hit and drastically exceeded all the marketing goals he set when he began working with QuanticMind.

Even better, he has substantially reduced the amount of time he spends updating bids, compiling reports and interfacing with Adwords. Instead, Rob can simply log in to the QuanticMind dashboard—which he now keeps open all the time.

QuanticMind has reduced the amount of work and time I spend managing search engine marketing programs.

QuanticMind’s cutting-edge use of machine learning and data science makes the process far more intuitive than before. Rob can now adjust a few factors in the optimization settings, but otherwise lets the algorithm manage all his ads for him.

Peddle is committed to using QuanticMind for the indefinite future. Beyond building up the account, continuing to optimize, growing their keywords and targeting ever more carefully, their goals for 2018 and 2019 include expanding into new territory while maintaining their position as the dominant player in their space.

I’m always excited for more improvements, the opportunity to do more targeted things, and I’m excited about QuanticMind’s focus on automation.

Plus, Rob explains, the recent UI updates offer a more modern look, greater intuitive use and faster response times—especially the reporting.

I think QuanticMind has given us more opportunity to expand by increasing our conversions and has played a meaningful part in us becoming dominant in our space.


Peddle gives consumers a simple, easy solution for selling their cars. Rather than posting multiple “for sale” listings, Peddle makes an offer on the car. If accepted, they come straight to the owner to buy it. All they require are a few answers to simple questions, before making their offer and taking the car off the seller’s hands. Their unique business model has taken off and is rapidly growing.

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