Making Sense of Your Marketing Data

You didn’t pursue your passion and penchant for marketing only to spend the majority of your time manually stitching together disparate performance reports. In the modern era of digital advertising, where businesses are compelled to invest in more channels than ever before, marketers must apply scientific and artistic sensibilities to their analytics. That is simply unfeasible, though, when you lack the mechanisms to consolidate your data.

That is why Marketing Intelligence Platforms with built-in dashboard libraries are essential to the success of any marketing organization today. Not only do they unify and harmonize all your data in one convenient centralized location, but they also provide dynamic visualizations of performance that can yield valuable actionable insights.

In this webinar, guest speaker Sheena Arora from Google and QuanticMind’s Marshall Bessières delve into the best practices of marketing data unification and explore how best-in-class dashboard frameworks can simplify marketing operations while exposing opportunities for greater efficiency and growth.

You’ll learn about:

  • The fundamental modern issues that make delivering meaningful insights challenging;
  • Why data consolidation is the first step toward solving those challenges;
  • How to simplify your reporting processes and surface fresh intelligence;
  • How to set your data up to drive action and performance growth;
  • How you can do this all for free with QuanticMind’s own Marketing Intelligence Platform

If you manage a team, department, or company and you wonder whether digital marketing insights can be delivered to you faster, do yourself a favor and watch this webinar.

Hosted by

Sheena Arora

Sheena Arora
Strategic Partner Manager

Marshall Bessières

Marshall Bessières
Head of Product