Machine Learning-Powered Bidding Empowers Fortune 100 Company to Decrease CPA by 51% YoY

Machine Learning-Powered Bidding Empowers Fortune 100 Company to Decrease CPA by 51% YoY

Decrease CPA by 51% YoY

Implement tailor-made bidding functionalities

Automate large segments of their SEM program

Integrate with the right sources of truth

In the modern paid search climate, where competition has never been higher and new tools continue to push the boundaries of how brands market their offerings, it is critical that advertisers are extracting nothing less than peak performance from every facet of their program. For one global Fortune 100 corporation in the manufacturing industry, this was proving very problematic. Key metrics were not at the desired levels and the complexity of the company’s conversion goals were causing a multitude of challenges that were limiting their ability to scale.

Amie, the current leader of their Digital Marketing organization, joined the team back in mid-2017 and swiftly came to the conclusion that leveraging a platform powered by machine learning was the only way to go about improving their business outcomes. “Within my first 90 days, it was clear that we needed something to help with automation,’’ she says. “We were growing pretty quickly and we knew this was going to be important moving forward. Right across our portfolio we have such varying goals and it became very difficult to manage them in a manual environment.”

The primary pains were stemming from the myriad campaigns that focus on soft conversions, namely filling in a form, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading premium content, or watching a video online. The day-to-day SEM practitioners were ultimately not empowered by their incumbent tools to understand how to optimize toward such a diverse set of conversion types, and to do so at large. “We have some campaigns that have upwards of one million keywords, and we simply couldn’t evolve with so much going on” Amie comments.

These are not simple, straightforward conversions. We really did require an alternative approach to help us optimize against them.

Delivering a Winning Digital Acquisition Program

At the recommendation of a performance marketing leader with experience working with QuanticMind, Amie reached out to find a solution. Conversations between the two parties centred around the core capabilities of QuanticMind’s proprietary performance-based algorithm, and how the solution would help enable their digital marketing team to increase the granularity of bidding and meet optimization goals across their wide-ranging program. Amie was sold and a new partnership was born.

From the outset, the two teams worked closely with one another to develop and actualize a series of sophisticated integrations and tailor-made functionalities to accommodate the quirks of the business. “The QuanticMind team came out here in person and made sure we really understood all the ins and outs of how the platform worked” Amie recalls.

They instantly had a great understanding of what it was that we needed to do to optimize more efficiently, and they were immensely helpful in getting us through the initial transition.

Once everything had been implemented, Amie and her team were soon seeing the benefits of leveraging machine learning models. For the first time they were working in tandem with a predictive advertising solution that was automatically and programmatically adjusting bids toward each of their highly specific campaign goals, empowering them to glean a transparent path to improved revenue.

The solid functionality behind the QuanticMind platform is constantly optimizing and manipulating bids, driven by our bid policies.

“It has options within the bid policies to change what the KPI is on a micro-level all the way to an ad-group and that really gives you a lot of flexibility that doesn’t exist with other tools. It has really helped us get at what is most important for our business.”

Exceeding Performance Goals

The end results have been multifaceted, moving beyond the cost savings from PPC and permeating other areas of their marketing operation. “From a business perspective, we have seen a pretty significant decrease in our cost-per-acquisition (CPA), or an increase in our return-on-ad-spend (ROAS)” Amie explains. “But what’s more, QuanticMind
has allowed us to let a machine do the heavy lifting on bid management and let us concentrate more on the art of search marketing, ad copy, audiences, and remarketing etc.”

QuanticMind essentially serves as the fourth person on our team. The time that we would have been spending on granular, keyword-level optimizations is now being saved by their automation capabilities. They have allowed us to focus on things that a machine cannot do.