Online Travel Agency Isango! Lifts Profit Margins by +200%

Online Travel Agency Isango! Lifts Profit Margins by +200%

Working with QuanticMind, isango! was able to:

Improved profit margins +200%

Improved cost basis 20%

Experience-focused online travel agency (OTA) isango! sought to grow its unique business, but faced challenges from competitors, razor-thin margins and a complicated business model that required manually managing thousands of travel products on more than 60 websites. It needed stronger bottom-line performance and its busy team needed more bandwidth to continue the company’s growth.

The Results

With the help of QuanticMind’s granular, data science- driven technology and strategic customer success team, isango! grew its overall marketing contribution more than 200% while cutting costs by more than 20%. The OTA also utilized QuanticMind’s powerful custom reporting tools to drive greater operational buy-in internally, leading to stronger team alignment.

QuanticMind’s granular data science paved the way for strong efficiency gains that led to substantial margin lift. Also, QuanticMind’s customer success team’s recommendations and its fast, responsive reporting helped isango! build stronger internal buy-in on the operations side.

isango!’s ambitious team was manually running a few hundred publisher accounts across its 60+ micro-sites to enable customers to both search for and book unique travel experiences. With the help of QuanticMind’s data-driven algorithms, the OTA discovered keyword-level inefficiencies it ironed out to unlock huge margin lift at significantly lower costs.

With the strategic guidance of QuanticMind’s customer success team, isango! also re-evaluated its operational approach, refining its core metrics to focus on profit margin rather than secondary metrics, refocusing its resources on key objectives and readjusting bid structure to account for external factors that affect overall travel traffic and populations.

Using QuanticMind’s rapid reporting and insights capabilities, the isango! marketing team also clarified its specific goals, performance and support needs internally. With a clearer picture of keyword-level revenue and profits, it became better able to visualize its business goals and build consensus with other functional teams, increasing internal alignment as all groups began working more closely towards a clearer, shared direction to better prioritize their investments.


isango! is using these gains to prepare for new competitive challenges in the marketplace as it continues to dive deeper into its source markets, while aligning shifting marketing needs to offer compelling products to its customers. This has empowered isango! to focus more on strategy and customer journeys, leaving the operationalization of its campaigns to QuanticMind’s data-driven marketing solution.


isango! is a unique online travel agency specializing in both the browsing and booking of more than 10,000 distinctive travel experiences in more than 150 countries worldwide across a number of websites including, and isango! has earned a customer satisfaction rating of 90%+ on independent rating agency Feefo.

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