Household Services Platform Handy Leverages QuanticMind’s Intelligent Bid Management Solution to Amplify Lead Volume

Household Services Platform Handy Leverages QuanticMind’s Intelligent Bid Management Solution to Amplify Lead Volume

Hogan Bradford

A case study with Hogan Bradford
SEM Manager @ Handy

Working with QuanticMind, Handy was able to:

Increase lead volume by 11%

Partner with experienced data science specialists

Implement tailor-made hybrid metrics

Automate various bid adjustments

The landscape of paid search has always been one that is constantly evolving. As consumer habits and online shopping patterns have changed, digital advertising is no longer about how much money you can throw at a campaign but rather how data is utilized to make budgets stretch further. For Hogan Bradford – the SEM Manager at Handy – extracting this peak efficiency from his program was becoming increasingly difficult due to the limitations he was experiencing with his incumbent PPC management tool.

From an optimization perspective, the main problem that was facing Hogan revolved around simplifying the enormous amounts of complexity he has within his accounts. He wanted to garner a better understanding of his various conversion points and how he could tap into his vast swathes of data to make everything more profitable. To start resolving these issues and elevating Handy’s SEM performance to his desired levels, Hogan recognized that it was critical to seek out a more sophisticated solution with world-class PPC management support.

Unlocking the Power of Machine Learning

After speaking with the digital marketing team at another home services company, Hogan approached QuanticMind to learn how we could collaborate to drive more intelligent advertising. He was particularly interested in the workings of our bespoke AI-powered bidding algorithms and so a head to-head test versus Handy’s existing tool was set in motion. Both solutions were given similar campaign sets to manage and a goal of driving improved volume while keeping the costs consistent.

The outcomes were pretty conclusive. Over a two-month period, QuanticMind’s machine learning-powered platform helped lift Handy’s paid search lead volume by 11% without a proportional increase to the cost-per-lead. These numbers alone were enough to convince Hogan to make the shift, but there was something else that he was particularly impressed with. “During the analysis of the process, I was happy with the way QuanticMind was thinking about the results,’’ he says.

They understood that there are external factors in a company that can influence SEM. I thought they did a great job of analyzing the results and we were very much aligned with regards to how we were looking at performance.

And so, QuanticMind assumed full management of Handy’s suite of PPC accounts.

Investment in a Strategic Partnership

Integration was “seamless” and QuanticMind quickly set about ensuring Hogan was getting the most out of his program. Weekly meetings were set-up to establish a platform to bounce ideas around and foster close alignment and proactive engagement to help solve problems and catch issues early.

The resulting conversations led to the formation of a new optimization strategy that would empower Hogan to track the impact of conversion events down the funnel. “In a bidding test that we kicked off internally, we worked together to create a new hybrid metric,” he comments. “On our site, we have a few different conversion events that we like to track. One of them would be something that doesn’t necessarily lead to revenue. Then, down the funnel, there are fewer events that actually create revenue for us that we hadn’t been employing in bidding.”

The QuanticMind team took a deep dive into our use case and conceived a smart workaround to incorporate this data.

With both parties highly invested in building a strategic partnership that drives tactical efficiency, Hogan was soon making his data do more and uncovering new areas of opportunity to move into. One such avenue was improving the granularity of his bid modifiers. “When doing some tweaking and maintenance recently, QuanticMind went into our accounts and proposed suggestions on all the bid modifiers that we use,” Hogan explains.

They took all of our data, analyzed it, and then made suggestions on bid percentage modifiers regarding the time of day, day of the week, location, and more – pretty much everything that goes into the bid besides the actual keyword bid itself. That was super helpful.

Massive Time Savings

Aside from the expert customer support and the enhanced management of campaigns, one of the great benefits of working with QuanticMind is the room that opens up to focus on other needle-moving projects that result from utilizing artificial intelligence. “They’ve definitely helped me save a lot of time,” Hogan declares.

Having all of our conversion point data automated, something that I was doing manually before, has been great. We had been doing that previously but this time around it’s been much more streamlined.

The end result is an intelligent digital acquisition program that ensures Handy is anticipating and executing the best advertising investments. In a time when competition for clicks is high and budgets are spread thin, it has never been more important for companies to use their data effectively and target the right people, with the right message, at precisely the right moment. Handy is doing just that.


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