QuanticMind Outperforms Smart Bidding to Drive 2x More Profit for eCommerce Company

QuanticMind Outperforms Smart Bidding to Drive 2x More Profit for eCommerce Company

At a time when digital marketplaces have never been more crowded, online advertisers must employ measures to consistently extract optimal performance from their paid search programs.

For the SEM team at one leading eCommerce enterprise, this translated into initiating an evaluation process exploring how different automated bidding solutions perform when managing their portfolio.

They were interested in how Google’s tools would stack up, and so they launched a head-to-head test between Smart Bidding and the company’s incumbent solution, QuanticMind.

Test Structure

  1. Smart Bidding’s Target ROAS model versus QuanticMind’s Profit Maximization bidding strategy.
  2. Campaign traffic was split into two buckets using Google’s Drafts and Experiments.
  3. The testing period was set for six weeks.

An Overview of the Process

The Profit Maximization strategy conceived by QuanticMind empowers marketers with robust automation functionalities that optimize bids against a goal of driving maximum profit from each individual keyword in their account.

By employing this approach in the test, QuanticMind was able to streamline business operations with unrivaled efficiency, eliminating areas of wasted spend and uncovering lucrative insights across the complete customer journey.

The outcome would be based on three goals:

  1. Improved performance (higher ROI)
  2. Greater efficiency (lower CPC)
  3. Enhanced productivity

Delivering the Best Results

The outcomes were unequivocal. In direct comparison to Smart Bidding, QuanticMind generated:

  • ROI: +54%
  • Profit: 2x
  • Impressions: +24%
  • Clicks: +10%
  • CPC: -24%

The enhanced sophistication of QuanticMind’s bid management platform and its capacity to integrate directly into the profit metric was ultimately the differentiator in delivering better outcomes throughout the entire funnel.

Today, QuanticMind continues to partner with the company to build and manage sophisticated SEM campaigns that enable the digital team to programmatically reach audiences in more effective ways.