How to Leverage Socio-Demographic & Audience Targeting for Marketing

Performance marketing is experiencing considerable change in recent years. Emerging technologies powered by artificial intelligence are pushing the boundaries of how brands market their services. Keyword targeting and ad criteria have long been valuable determinants of ad rank and performance, but now other targeting options and segmenting opportunities, like socio-demographic & audience targeting, are becoming more important for success.

The sheer amount of prospect data that is available to organizations requires digital advertising teams tackle the mammoth task of tapping into the data; if they ignore it, digital marketers run the risk of losing market share to their competitors.

But how do you leverage all of this prospect data to stand out from your competition?

Try reading our 18 page, in-depth eBook, How to Leverage Socio-Demographic & Audience Targeting for Marketing. It explains how to meet your  business goals by strategically leverage data for your digital marketing programs. Reach the right type of customer while getting the most out of your marketing dollars by exploring these three main areas:

1. Ways to use marketing audiences

Paid search audiences can offer a variety of insights for optimizing campaigns. This chapter provides an overview of a few ways to take advantage of audience data.

2. Challenges of using socio-demographic & audience targeting data

The variety of targeting options available today, and the number of ways to use them, offers great opportunities to improve PPC campaign performance. However, these options also come with some challenges for implementation and optimization, which we discuss in this chapter.

3. Data-science powered marketing solutions

Automation is a valuable aspect of managing paid search campaigns today. Google Ads offers a small selection of automation options to help with targeting. As a result, using a data-science powered solution is essential to get the most from audience targeting and scale your advertising strategy.

While keyword targeting is always relevant for PPC success, there are now many ways to use audiences to improve campaign effectiveness and efficiency. Most advertisers today use some form of location targeting, but few take full advantage of the different audience types to improve their campaigns. And even those that do use other audiences aren’t optimizing their bids in the most efficient way possible.

We recommend staying ahead of the competition by focusing on audience targeting and other dimensions using data-science and automation. These important technologies are essential for any advertiser that wants to reach their audience through paid search.

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How to Leverage Socio-Demographic & Audience Targeting for Marketing

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