How to Evaluate Machine Learning Powered Performance Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing’s imminent paradigm shift requires new skill sets.

The rapid evolution of marketing technology has brought forth a paradigm shift: strategic investment in automation and technology is no longer optional. And to best support their clients, digital marketing agencies must evolve too. In this eBook, we’ll talk about the rise of machine learning powered agencies and how this transformation is shaping the performance marketing world today.

You’ll learn about:

  • The State of Performance Marketing
    • Digital Investment Continues to Grow
    • CMOs Increasingly Invest in Analytics
    • MarTech Proliferates to Support Them
    • Technology is Raising Consumer Expectations
  • Navigating the Rapid Evolution
    • Evaluating Your Options
    • Build an In-House Team
    • Capitalize on Free Options
    • Hire an Agency
  • The Paradigm Shift
    • The New Performance Marketing Agency Model
    • Leveraging Technology for People to Achieve Superior Results

This eBook will help you not only to understand your options but also how to evaluate a performance marketing agency that could help you drive better business outcomes. You will learn that the new performance marketing agency model will continue to have a leadership team and those highly-trained consultants. However, your perspective will shift – it’s no longer enough to rely on people who have worked with paid search or display advertising for their whole career. You’ll need specialist data scientists and machine learning experts who know how to extract the power of these ad platforms.

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How to Evaluate Machine Learning Powered Performance Marketing Agencies

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