Digital Marketing for Travel with Windstar Cruises

Digital marketing for travel isn’t an easy business. Like many other applications of search engine marketing, travel is highly competitive and limited by seasonality. Additionally, competition isn’t limited to your local competitors: national and international travel providers are also competing for business.

If you work in online travel, you know it’s a multi-billion dollar market. And it’ll grow 30% in the next 3 years.

This is why your competitors are already bidding on your brand keywords, already staking out placements on top destinations and already finalizing plans take a bigger share during next year’s busy travel season.

How can you stay ahead? Get five powerful, actionable tactics to use immediately in our webinar on digital marketing for travel, featuring Victor Hernandez, from the award-winning cruise line Windstar Cruises.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The biggest changes in digital marketing for travel you need to know
  • Important tactics for demographics, targeting and segmentation
  • Best practices for mobile, seasonality and  keyword bidding, particularly brand
  • How to start using these tactics immediately in your day-to-day operations

Featured Speakers

Victor Hernandez
Director of Digital Marketing & CRM, Windstar Cruises

Charles Studt
VP Marketing, QuanticMind