Determine the Geo-Targeting Strategy That’s Best For Your Business

Determine the Geo-Targeting Strategy That’s Best For Your Business

A strong geo-targeting strategy is perhaps one of the most effective tools for Paid Search, creating new value and opportunities for advertisers that enable them to more accurately target specific markets, generate more relevant messaging and elicit stronger returns.

Yet even though geo-targeting has been done before, there is no one tried-and-true way to execute. In the blog we’ve discussed two main geo-targeting strategies — national vs. local — and their their respective pros and cons.

But how does it all balance out to determine what mix of the two is right for you? And how do you most effectively leverage geo-targeting in Paid Search campaigns to maximize ROI, exceed profit goals and increase overall value to your SEM program?

The number of variables you need to factor into your decision can be dizzying. Among other things, you need to consider:

  • Size of your program
  • Level of automation
  • Resource constraints
  • Budget

That’s why we’ve included a quick and handy checklist of all the variables, complete with a points rating system, aimed at helping you determine exactly which strategy fits your digital marketing needs.

The goal? We want to help you know with utmost confidence how best to geo-target your Paid Search campaigns.

So download our National vs. Local geo-targeting checklist now!