Dermstore Lifts Digital Advertising Efficiency

Dermstore Lifts Digital Advertising Efficiency

Working with QuanticMind, Dermstore was able to:

Improve CPA 21%

Improve revenue by 6%

Lift Average Ad Position 16%

Improve ROAS 35%

Dermstore was looking for a cutting-edge SEM bidding solution to provide better advertising performance. The goal was to lift return on ad spend (ROAS), expand exposure on mobile, and improve workflow.

The Results

Dermstore was ready for QuanticMind Search — a solution known for quantum-leaping digital advertising performance at scale. To begin with, Dermstore had the lofty goal of increasing the efficiency of a set of its valuable search advertising keywords, though eventually the beauty leader would use the QuanticMind solution to manage its entire keyword portfolio.

While revenue and ROAS are often on opposite ends of the scale – strengthen one, weaken the other – QuanticMind’s intelligent, machine learning-powered solution drove so much efficiency that it also lifted revenue 6% simultaneously.

With the help of QuanticMind Search aggregating all digital data and driving incremental efficiency gains at a deeply granular level, plus its responsive customer success team, Dermstore saw a lift on non-brand keyword ROAS of +35%. QuanticMind’s data science algorithms, which boost performance at the keyword level, also improved cost-per-click (CPC) 18% and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) 21%, while lifting average ad position +16% and driving 15% time savings.


Dermstore continues to apply these significant gains to its already-successful operations. Armed with next-generation, data-powered technology, the beauty leader continues to grow its efficiency, its revenue, and its lead position against its competitors.


After its founding in 1999 by a board-certified dermatologist, Dermstore, a subsidiary of Target, has become a leading online beauty retailer, carrying a comprehensive list of popular mainstream brands, prescription-strength skin care, and rare niche products from around the globe.

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