Language Learning App Babbel Leverages QuanticMind to Increase Sales by 150%

Language Learning App Babbel Leverages QuanticMind to Increase Sales by 150%

Ting Ding

A case study with Ting Ding
Statistical Analyst @ Babbel

Working with QuanticMind, Babbel was able to:

Increase sales 150%

Grow sales month after month consistently

In 2013, Ting Ding and her performance optimization team were part of the first effort to expand Babbel’s marketing efforts into the U.S. At that time, all of Babbel’s SEM accounts used to be based on languages, rather than location. When Babbel decided to target specific GEO regions, they created the SEM account specifically for the U.S. Although Ting discovered QuanticMind in 2015, her team didn’t start to leverage QuanticMind until December of 2016 for desktop search, mobile search as well as Bing.


The primary SEM challenge that Babbel faced was a lack of growth. Previous to onboarding QuanticMind, Babbel was using Marin Software, which allowed them to meet their goals, but not exceed them. What Ting was looking for was a data-driven solution that could intelligently scale the US search marketing efforts and maintain a consistency that would allow for better forecasting and planning.


Babbel’s primary advertising goal was to achieve a steadily predictable SEM program for driving more online sales, while decreasing the cost per sale.


In December of 2016, Ting and her team evaluated many solutions against their specific requirements and selected QuanticMind as their Predictive Advertising Optimization platform of choice based on QuanticMind’s focus on data science, excellent customer support, and price:

I loved the fact that QuanticMind’s solution leveraged deeper funnel revenue data and the account managers provided excellent support and service.

Ting worked closely with QuanticMind’s customer success team to configure her account, create campaigns, and optimize them. In particular, QuanticMind helped Babbel’s marketing team to create and implement a new metric to optimize towards that weighted their two conversion points–leads and sales. Once implemented, QuanticMind adjusted the target value they should aim for and also suggested account structure. QuanticMind also continued to partner with Babbel after the initial configuration and set up—meeting weekly to answer any questions, solve any issues, and ensure they met their performance goals.


Ting used QuanticMind to start mobile search campaigns and establish a lead goal for those campaigns. The QuanticMind-fueled mobile search campaigns began to increase the number of conversions and sales. In fact, according to Ting, the mobile search campaign alone began to contribute an additional 20% to the sales volume from SEM.

The combination of everything working together, including more data, helps to create a PPC bidding machine.

Ting also began to leverage QuanticMind reporting to optimize her online advertising campaigns. In particular, she found QuanticMind’s bid policies to be incredibly useful for understanding not just how a campaign is working, but how a policy is working. QuanticMind’s reporting capability gave Babbel increased visibility and deep insights so they could optimize their campaigns:

With QuanticMind, I have more confidence in predictable performance so I don’t have to be hands-on on a daily basis. Generally speaking, QuanticMind has made the performance of my campaigns stable. I change target values every once in a while to ensure I’m achieving my CPA and growth targets. I plan out campaigns based on seasonality, and once I’ve done that, the platform does the rest.

Overall, using QuanticMind enabled Ting and the Babbel marketing team to achieve phenomenal results, increasing sales by 150% and lowering their cost per sale.


Founded in 2007, Babbel is a subscription-based language learning app and e-learning platform, with more than 1.5 million active subscribers and ranked as the world’s #1 innovative company in education. Babbel uses advanced technology to bring the highest quality in modern language learning, covering over 8500 hours of content in 14 languages from Spanish to Indonesian.

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