10 Terrifying Ad Fraud Attacks That Will Kill Your Campaigns

So, are you getting ready for the spookiest time of year? Putting up spiderwebs? Choosing your costume?

Costumes, candy and creepiness aside, there’s something else you need to think about this Halloween: cyber crime.

Truly, the internet is a graveyard full of dangers to your technology, your identity, your business, and your marketing efforts. From botnets to ghost sites, hijacked clicks to impression laundering, there’s something lurking around every corner threatening your PPC campaigns and the very livelihood of your brand.

… woooooOOOOOOOOoooooooo …

Sorry. Ghost noise. Couldn’t help it.

And really, we all ought to take the subject much more seriously, because it is scary. At best, you risk wasting your hard-earned dollars if you fail to protect against cyber criminals and online hucksters. At worst? It hardly bears thinking about.

It’s time to invest in the right tools to keep your digital campaigns safe and protected.

Now. Today. Before you go trick-or-treating, not after.

Luckily, we’re here to help with a Halloween lookbook that answers questions about PPC fraud and provides next steps to help you stay in the clear and profitable.

10 Terrifying Ad Fraud Attacks That Will Kill Your Campaigns

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