Minimizing Inefficient Spend and Maximizing Results for 1-800-Dentist

Minimizing Inefficient Spend and Maximizing Results for 1-800-Dentist

Kalle Tompros

A case study with Kalle Tompros
Senior SEM Manager @ 1-800-Dentist

Working with QuanticMind, 1-800-Dentist was able to:

Increase revenue by 118%

Lift profits by 246%

Cut wasted spend

Exceed monthly, quarterly, and annual goals

Kalle Tompros is the Senior SEM Manager for 1-800-Dentist. Her primary responsibilities include connecting the dental and orthodontic offices they serve with prospective consumers.
“This is the first position that I’ve been in where I’m the only SEM manager,” says Kalle, “which is great for continuity but also kind of terrifying.” Accordingly, one of her main goals when she started the position was to get the help she needed to make the company’s SEM efforts successful.


When 1-800-Dentist came to QuanticMind, they were having trouble meeting their marketing targets and ensuring all their dental offices had full appointment books. With each dentist potentially supporting multiple zip codes, Kalle and her team were required to funnel customers toward the most appropriate practice.

Unfortunately, it didn’t always work out that way. They were seeing a lot of wasted marketing spend in the zip codes without operating dentists, and conversely, there were offices with open spaces that went unfilled at the end of each month.

A new strategy was required.


After considering the problems, 1-800-Dentist knew they needed three things:

  • A better system for filling those appointment slots;
  • The ability to adjust search engine marketing bids according to the number of slots still open;
  • A way of targeting their clients’ customers without wasting spend

When searching for a solution, they first reviewed the engagement they had with their existing SEM agency and decided to move on when it expired.

They held preliminary conversations with DoubleClick, but quickly decided their services didn’t fit the bill the way QuanticMind’s do. Because incorporating dental appointment capacity was a strong pillar of their approach, they needed a company that could handle it. QuanticMind made the cut.

It was such an added bonus to have a bid management platform that also had the detail and background of people who really care about search, which isn’t always guaranteed in other bid management platforms.

Through brainstorming sessions between the 1-800-Dentist team and QuanticMind, plans were made to fill appointment slots and draw customers in from the right zip codes, while cutting down on spend in the process. From there, the solution evolved organically to its current efficient, streamlined state.


Today, Kalle and 1-800-Dentist have a dedicated approach that both fulfills their goals and leaves a lot of room for experimentation. They are constantly testing ad creative, expanding their keyword portfolio, and exercising other SEM strategies to help them maximize their ROI.

Perhaps the most effective tool in their box is QuanticMind MarginMax, which has enabled them to reach their specific objectives while maximizing their gross margin dollars.

I look to the QuanticMind team as an extension of my team here. When things aren’t going well, I hop on a call with them and we figure it out together.


The result? A 246% lift in profits.

Especially when I first started, there were a lot of super urgent questions. When I was getting up to speed on the program and the platform, it was very helpful to get the responses in a timely manner.

According to Kalle, QuanticMind is both super-detailed and super-efficient. The team helped ensure the platform was immediately effective with a seamless onboarding process and an intuitive system with a minimal learning curve. Together with QuanticMind, 1-800-Dentist has been able to exceed their goals on a regular basis, increasing revenue by 118% and, in turn, lifting profits by 246%.


Everyone needs proper dental care, but it’s not always easy to find the right provider. 1-800-Dentist makes it straightforward, pairing patients with dental practitioners in their area. Whether the patient needs a scheduled appointment or emergency care, 1-800-Dentist ensures they get the help they need as soon as possible.

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