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If you’re spending a significant amount as a LTV-centric eCommerce company and spending a lot of hours manually adjusting bids, QuanticMind is a great solution.
Mike Jarocki

Digital Acquisition Manager

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Enterprise-grade feed-based ad optimization, dynamic reporting, and world-class customer support, all in one place.

Groundbreaking Bid Optimization Strategies

Optimize bids and budgets using advanced data science and machine learning-powered bidding technology to drive growth and profitability.

  • Maximize the return of every paid click with exclusive product group-level bid optimization strategies that capitalize on hidden incremental opportunities and eliminate wasted spend.
  • Automatically incorporate real-time signals and data inputs such as inventory levels, geo location, device, time of day, and day of week to execute rapid bid changes and boost PLA revenue efficiently.
  • Integrate the cost of goods sold and shipping costs to drive granular optimization in all low margin, high competition scenarios.
  • Capture and connect all pertinent data that impacts search engine marketing to orchestrate a cohesive cross-channel program.

Enterprise-Grade Product Feed Optimization Available

Leverage sophisticated product feed optimization solutions to increase Shopping ad relevance and improve online discoverability.

  • Automatically optimize titles, description lines, product categories, custom labels, and more to engage ideal customers and gain higher impression share.
  • Programmatically identify the most profitable products and easily filter out poor performers with automatic export filters to ensure the highest return on ad spend.
  • Establish customized import and export rules once-only and then systematically repeat the processes on a user-defined schedule.

Robust Analytics and Dynamic Reporting

Drive operational efficiency, increase account visibility, and achieve full knowledge of ROI with powerful product-level reporting.

  • Identify and troubleshoot issues quickly with a comprehensive, customizable error alert process.
  • Incorporate performance metrics (including cost and revenue data) on a per-product basis to streamline inventory management.
  • Report on individual product attributes to garner unprecedented program visibility and expose actionable insights into high and low-performing SKUs.

Powerful Campaign Management & Cross Channel Integrations

Automatically transform product data from internal systems into marketing-ready content for easy distribution to all shopping channels.

  • Manage shopping campaigns across publishers from a single user interface with no limitations on the number of linked accounts.
  • Integrate and combine multiple fields from different data sources to create more effective product titles and improve ad rank.
  • Maximize shopping campaign relevance by enriching product feeds with top-performing search keywords and queries (and vice versa).
  • Quickly find, unify, and remove duplicate listings and easily transform product maps to any other field in seconds.
  • Use product feeds to identify new products and build out keywords, ad groups, and campaigns for search marketing.

World-Class Customer Support

Full, on-demand access to an extensive knowledge base to ensure optimal operational execution across all shopping channels.

  • Partner with subject matter experts to refine key goals and better understand where to allocate time, resources, and budgets.
  • Day-to-day campaign management and hands-on data and technology ownership that frees up in-house marketers to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Complete coverage across all shopping channels, including Google and Bing, to strengthen online discoverability and amplify visibility at each step of the funnel.
Having an outside perspective is always extremely valuable and if we ever run into technical difficulties, the QuanticMind team is always able to sort the issue in a timely manner. They are consistent in providing excellent customer satisfaction.
Brian Lamb

Marketing Analyst

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Integrate to unify reporting, management, and intelligent bidding optimization

QuanticMind Shopping integrates a wide array of data sources, including publisher platforms, analytics, CRMs, data warehouses, and call intelligence suites. It also provides proprietary tracking technology to surface granular insights into the entire customer journey.


QuanticMind integrates with AdForm
QuanticMind integrates with AdRoll
QuanticMind integrates with Amplitude
QuanticMind integrates with Apple Search Ads
Apple Search Ads
QuanticMind integrates with AppsFlyer
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QuanticMind integrates with Brightedge
QuanticMind integrates with CallRail
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QuanticMind integrates with Dialogtech
QuanticMind integrates with Drip
QuanticMind integrates with Facebook Lead Ads
Facebook Lead Ads

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