Marketing Intelligence Platform

Centralize disparate data and see performance from any angle

A Marketing Intelligence Platform Built For Marketers By Marketers

Advertising publishers, social engagement providers, mobile analytics portals, call tracking technologies. Marketing organizations today are compelled to juggle a vast network of disconnected tools to map their customers’ increasingly complex paths to purchase.

The QuanticMind Marketing Intelligence Platform empowers marketers to consolidate these disparate data sources in one central location and drive business growth by exposing powerful actionable insights at the deepest levels of granularity.

The Core Benefits


Establish a single source of truth for all of your online marketing and customer engagement data.


Eliminate the time spent stitching together disconnected channel and performance reports.


Identify the needs of existing customers to form strategies that increase your repeat purchase rates.


Drive effective cross-channel collaboration based on real-time data from your siloed stacks.


Automatically generate reports and distribute key dashboards across your organization without manual intervention.


Extract deep business insights to propel the delivery of data-driven, personalized advertising experiences for target audiences.

QuanticMind has been a critical partner for Byte as we continue driving explosive and efficient growth. This is my second company where I’ve worked with QuanticMind and I remain strongly impressed with their top caliber team and best-in-class data unification and optimization technology.
Neeraj Gunsagar


Connect Your Network of Digital Marketing Channels

QuanticMind’s modern infrastructure enables you to pull all relevant data into a single
interface for unified reporting, management, and intelligent decision-making.

Experience how the Marketing Intelligence Platform streamlines your reporting and strengthens client relationships