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Unify all of your data for a transparent path to revenue, simplify cross-publisher workflow, and optimize campaign performance with best-in-class bidding algorithms.

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Smart Image Bidding

QuanticMind Performance


Digital Marketing Agency powered by proven, best-in-class Data Science technology. An extension to your in-house marketing team. Sit back and relax while we show you our magic!

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Capture every intent and grow! Achieve efficiency for your top terms and scale with long tail keywords.

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Win the zero moment of truth! Continuously optimize product feed using Intelligent Shopping management. Designed to grow sales for Retail, eCommerce and CPG companies.

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Platform Benefits

Power of Data to You

Unify data from all sources! Turn your data into insights and get the best results for your Shopping campaigns. Track and fully exploit each possible data attribute of every click with QuanticMind’s powerful decision engine. Grow revenue, conversions and profits faster while eliminating wasted spend.

Product Feed Optimization

Flawless feeds waste less budget and sell more products! Grow sales using feed optimization and intelligent shopping management. Maximize query matching by filtering out broken links, improper product titles, or poorly performing products. Reach more customers without increasing your budget.

Bid Optimization with Machine Learning

Use Data Science to optimize your Shopping campaigns to yield extraordinary results. Bid granularly to lift efficiency and consistently drive higher profits. Quickly and easily set a granular target bidding structure and the QuanticMind Platform will automatically optimize the rest.

Reporting That You Can Rely On

In-memory processing boosts report speeds so you receive actionable insights faster. Lightning fast reporting that you can customize and share in seconds makes strategic decision-making data accessible.

An Extension of Your Marketing Team

Customized multi-channel campaigns based on proprietary algorithms and specialized for business needs. QuanticMind Digital drives results that grow brands and their revenue.

Artificial Intelligence Based Optimization

QuanticMind Digital marries AI-powered optimization, innovation, and data unification capabilities with modern agency services to effectively optimize your ad spend and achieve scale. Proprietary technology and world-class expertise make QuanticMind Digital unbeatable.

Focus on Strategy to Grow Your Business

QuanticMind Digital’s engagement model aligns with the strategic priorities and growth goals of your team. Automate busy work, streamline processes or fully hand-off the management of your digital marketing program to QuanticMind Digital based on what your program needs.

Complete Transparency and Incentive Alignment

The agency model has evolved. With QuanticMind Digital, gone are the days of an agency simply managing ad spend on behalf of a brand. QuanticMind Digital clients define Revenue and Business goals and get comprehensive analytics and insights to track success.

Grow your PPC conversions and revenue with AI-powered bid management software.

Evolutionary platform. Revolutionary results.

QuanticMind Overview

QuanticMind developed the industry’s first intelligent bid-optimization platform, powered by insights from its proprietary machine learning algorithms. Its breakthrough technology, including campaign optimization, predictive analytics, and full-funnel reporting, allows brands to engage with consumers through the entire customer journey–from acquisition to ongoing retention.

QuanticMind has given us more opportunity to expand by increasing our conversions and has played a meaningful part in us becoming dominant in our space. QuanticMind is our secret weapon. I would refer QuanticMind to anyone except our competitors.
Rob Bari

Director of Marketing

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QuanticMind’s modern infrastructure enables you to pull all relevant data into a single interface for unified reporting, management, and intelligent bidding optimization.


Predictive Analytics

Stop hoping for better results and let QuanticMind’s predictive analytics ensure your success. QuanticMind’s predictive analytics capabilities enable you to predict optimal advertising investments so you can win more auctions, ensuring better business outcomes.

Save millions of dollars in PPC spend a year using best-in-class bidding algorithms

Customer Success Stories


“Why the Partnership with Quanticmind will Last a Lifetime”

Windstar Cruises was struggling to reduce ad spend waste and boost market share. See how QuanticMind helped the company leverage the power of machine learning and data science to save 700K in advertising spend.

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Data-Driven Attribution and SEM

QuanticMind enables you to bring offline data online to improve PPC campaign performance. Check out our guide for using deep-funnel intent data to drive profitable acquisition.

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