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Data gets granular for amazing results

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Campaigns for your communities

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Save time, cut wasted spend

Erase inefficiency by using precise, click-attribute tracking to automate Enhanced Campaign bid modifiers including device, time, and location.

Scale for greater market share

Optimize long-tail bidding through natural language processing and semantic distance modeling to clearly predict keyword value.

Experiment to increase revenue

Test different ads and landing pages to drive more conversions and revenue.

Granularity + customization = higher profits

Boost revenue and margins with customizable bid policies that capture more efficiency and higher profits from every keyword.

Adapt to market changes

Reach your goals with the bid strategy that’s right for you.

Automate for greater control

Assign keywords to campaigns and ad groups, manage automatic placements, and update and manage links with URL builder.


Make the strategic decisions you need for social with rapid reporting on the health and performance of your campaigns.

Clear insights deliver enlightenment

Use social insights to inform your strategy.

Connect the dots

Turn today’s metrics into tomorrow’s game plan.

Get performance reports now

Generate in-depth reports on your social performance in seconds.

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