Scale and Optimize PPC Performance with Best-In-Class Bidding Algorithms

Unify all of your data for a transparent path to revenue, simplify cross-publisher workflow, and optimize campaign performance with best-in-class bidding algorithms.


Granular data to increase conversions and revenue. Hit your peak performance.

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Grow sales using feed optimization and intelligent Shopping management.

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Save time, cut wasted spend

Erase inefficiency by using precise, click-attribute tracking to automate Enhanced Campaign bid modifiers including device, time, and location.

Scale for greater market share

Optimize long-tail bidding through natural language processing and semantic distance modeling to clearly predict keyword value.

Experiment to increase revenue

Test different ads and landing pages to drive more conversions and revenue.

Granularity + customization = higher profits

Boost revenue and margins with customizable bid policies that capture more efficiency and higher profits from every keyword.

Adapt to market changes

Reach your goals with the bid strategy that’s right for you.

Automate for greater control

Assign keywords to campaigns and ad groups, manage automatic placements, and update and manage links with URL builder.


Use big data to optimize your Shopping campaigns with unprecedented efficiency to yield extraordinary results.

Drive exceptional performance

Track and fully exploit each possible data point for every click with our powerful decision engine. Grow revenue, conversions and profits faster while eliminating wasted spend.

Granular data, exponential lift

Bid granularly to lift efficiency and consistently drive higher profits. Quickly and easily set a granular target bidding structure — our platform will automatically optimize the rest.

Lightning fast reporting you can customize and share in seconds

In-memory processing boosts report speeds, so you receive actionable insights faster, for optimal decision-making and strategy.

Flawless feeds to waste less and sell more

Maximize query matching by filtering out broken links, improper product titles, or poorly performing products. Reach more customers without increasing your budget.

Our Platform is the engine that works hard to keep everything running smoothly

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