QuanticMind Unveils Machine Learning-Powered Solution for Google Shopping

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Predictive Marketing Leader Utilizes Data Science to Empower Retailers to Deliver Greater Performance

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—October 17, 2017—QuanticMind, the data platform for intelligent marketing, today unveiled a smarter way for retailers to significantly lift their e-commerce performance by leveraging the power of intent. Bringing its unique, data-driven approach to Google Shopping with soon-to-be-released support for additional e-commerce channels, QuanticMind Shopping maximizes retail efficiency and overall profits. The product’s leading-edge technology surfaces crucial insights and empowers retailers to optimize performance, consistently delivering the best possible results, at scale.

E-commerce has become an increasingly challenging and competitive space, in which Google Shopping has emerged as a crucial market—the dominant source of clicks in the rapidly growing world of mobile search. However, succeeding in Google Shopping requires the collection of enormous amounts of data for thousands, if not millions of products across multiple channels. QuanticMind Shopping unifies all cross-channel and third-party data and extracts the most relevant data and insights to inform, and perform, the most profitable advertising decisions every time.

“E-commerce is experiencing a fundamental shift now that the retail customer journey has become far longer, more fragmented and alternates across multiple channels, platforms and devices,” said Chaitanya Chandrasekar, CEO and co-founder of QuanticMind. “That’s why we created QuanticMind Shopping—to enable retailers to apply a data-driven approach that solves the growing big data challenge of e-commerce.”

QuanticMind Shopping gives online retailers the industry’s most advanced solution for optimized Google Shopping performance with these powerful features:

  • Intelligent bid optimization. Automatically optimize and push campaign bids by using the most relevant data to drive stronger results.
  • Customized inputs and outputs towards your goals. Use customized settings for optimization and reporting to deliver the best possible results against your unique business goals.
  • Fast, full-funnel insights. Rapidly adapt to market changes with agile reporting that generates actionable insights in seconds.
  • Data-driven inventory & revenue management. Automatically track and manage operations against updated product inventory and revenue targets.
  • Error-free data feed optimization. Data feed errors represent a complete waste of money. QuanticMind Shopping quickly finds and eliminates all such errors.

A broader overview highlighting the benefits for businesses is available on the QuanticMind Shopping website.

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