Bespoke bid optimization solutions empowering travel marketers to reach paid search paradise

The world of travel has evolved considerably over the past decade. Where once budding travelers would walk into a local brick and mortar travel agency and plan their vacation in one sitting, people today do all their research and booking online over an extended period of time. As a result, marketers in the industry are faced with a series of constant pressures: intense competition, a battle with razor-thin margins, and a perpetual need to stay relevant. What’s needed, then, is a solution that can accurately map the path to revenue and engage audiences with the right message at precisely the right moment.

Enter QuanticMind.

The QuanticMind Difference

Backed by scalable cloud infrastructure and a powerful data unification platform, our proprietary, best-in-class bid management solutions afford retailers an enhanced capacity to observe, collect, and store huge clusters of big data across different publishers.

We then expose this data via seamless reporting to meticulously segment consumer behavior, identify new advertising opportunities, and pinpoint high-value micro-moments according to specific business goals. Armed with these insights, marketers are empowered with a transparent path to conversion and equipped with the essential tools required to win each individual battle for revenue.

Our Key Functionalities


Scalable analytics infrastructure that consolidates and stores all publisher, business, inventory, online, and offline data.


Granular integrations with any of your data sources to ensure marketers are centralizing all pertinent spend, revenue, and conversion data.


Machine learning models that precisely calculate lifetime value to drive more efficient campaigns and stronger business performance.


Automatic inventory management that safeguards against bidding on ads when select products are unavailable.


Exclusive, groundbreaking bidding optimization strategies that maximize the gross margin of every paid click.


Capacity to create and implement tailor-made hybrid metrics that allow marketers to focus on specific areas of their conversion funnel.


Comprehensive, intuitive reporting and interactive dashboards that make campaign performance easily accessible and digestible.


White-glove customer service and easy access to SEM experts who can help deliver winning digital acquisition programs.

Online travel is experiencing huge growth… but are your results keeping up?

If you work in online travel, you know it’s a multi-billion dollar market. And it’s set to grow 30% in the next three years.

This is why your competitors are already bidding on your brand keywords, staking out placements on top destinations, and finalizing plans to take a larger market share of the upcoming travel season.

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