AI-powered keyword-level bidding that enables retail marketers to achieve optimum performance

The acceleration of technological progress over the last two decades has vastly heightened the complexity of modern paths to purchase. Just 15 years ago, the average consumer typically used two touch-points to make a buying decision and only 7% regularly exceeded four. Today’s shoppers are comparatively generating significantly more touch-points before purchase with over 20% surpassing five. The challenge facing retail marketers, then, is reaching and engaging audiences with exactly the right message at precisely the right moment, allowing consumers to connect with their offerings in a more organic way than ever before.

This is where QuanticMind can help.

The QuanticMind Difference

Backed by scalable cloud infrastructure and a powerful data unification platform, our proprietary, best-in-class bid management solutions afford retailers an enhanced capacity to observe, collect, and store huge clusters of big data across different publishers.

We then expose this data via seamless reporting to meticulously segment consumer behavior, identify new advertising opportunities, and pinpoint high-value micro-moments according to specific business goals. Armed with these insights, marketers are empowered with a transparent path to conversion and equipped with the essential tools required to win each individual battle for revenue.

Our Key Functionalities


Scalable analytics infrastructure that consolidates and stores all publisher, business, and inventory data, whether online or offline.


Custom integrations with any data source to ensure retail marketers are centralizing all pertinent spend, revenue, and conversion data.


Machine learning models that precisely calculate lifetime value to drive more efficient campaigns and stronger business performance.


Automatic inventory management that safeguards against bidding on ads when select products are unavailable.


Maximize the return on every paid click with exclusive, groundbreaking keyword-level bid optimization strategies.


Create and implement tailor-made hybrid metrics to balance specific areas of the conversion funnel.


Comprehensive, intuitive reporting and interactive dashboards that make campaign performance easily accessible and digestible.


White-glove customer service and easy access to SEM experts who can help deliver winning digital acquisition programs.

Having trouble optimizing your seasonal and promotional SEM performance?

In the world of retail, SEM campaign strategies don’t stay the same from quarter to quarter, month to month, or even week to week. Like the weather and tide schedules, the paid search landscape changes with the seasons.

Those who have lived through numerous Black Fridays – and other seasonal and promotional campaigns – will know that gearing up for them can be labor-intensive. After all, they aren’t just fun, one-time initiatives, but an integral part of annual strategies. So, what’s critical for easing campaign strategy hardship, freeing up bandwidth, and ultimately achieving success?

In this report, we explore these themes and offer some actionable solutions that can ensure promotional calendars are armed and ready to take ROI to the next level.

Ready to access a real-time, transparent path to revenue?