Bid management and marketing intelligence solutions that empower financial service marketers to drive superior results

With acquisition costs for financial advisors averaging over $3000 per client, there is plenty of opportunity to reduce client acquisition cost and increase the bottom line. To compete in today’s financial services market, it’s imperative that you optimize your online strategy and start gaining insights into how people react to your marketing.

The QuanticMind Difference

For financial service marketers at banks, credit unions, and investment firms, there are a multitude of ways to target prospective clients with relevant messages. However, with all these new opportunities come uncertainty and obstacles.

This is where QuanticMind shines. Our industry-leading solutions integrate your data silos and make sense of the trends, rocketing your advertising campaigns to success.

Our Key Functionalities


Scalable analytics infrastructure that consolidates and stores all publisher, business, inventory, online, and offline data.


Custom integrations with any data source to ensure financial marketers centralize pertinent spend and conversion data.


Maximize the return on every paid click with exclusive, groundbreaking keyword-level bid optimization strategies.


Sophisticated audience targeting options that leverage historical data to set optimal bid adjustments targeting specific demographics.


Incorporate natural language processing and semantic distance modeling to intelligently bid on long-tail keywords, even with scarce data.


Predict the performance of bid policies up to 100 days in the future by capitalizing on past acquisition data and seasonality.


Optimize any combination of metrics in the funnel to balance lead volume, profitability, and client retention.


White-glove customer service and easy access to SEM experts who can help deliver winning digital acquisition programs.

Are your client acquisitions keeping up?

When it comes to promotion and advertising, it’s amazing just how many financial service marketers throw themselves into marketing campaigns without any idea about the demographic make-up of the target audience. Competition online is fierce, making it essential that you understand your desired market and tailor your messaging. While it may be tempting to dive straight into a campaign and start constructing creative content, it’s vitally important that you first take a step back and consider who exactly you’re building it for.

Ready to access a real-time, transparent path to revenue?