Intelligent bid management solutions empowering educational providers to drive smarter student recruitment

Cleverly crafting and effectively executing PPC campaigns is the quintessential component of student enrollment strategies for higher education institutions and e-learning companies alike. With competition in the marketplace so vigorous, though, keywords don’t come cheap. Searches on MBA programs alone can cost in excess of $60 per click while university and diploma-related keywords are not far behind. At these rates of investment, it’s imperative that education marketers are spending their budgets with exceptional efficiency.

This is where QuanticMind can help.

The QuanticMind Difference

From activating geographical insights and meticulously segmenting audiences, to strategically remarketing to prospective students and automatically forecasting trends based on actual enrollment data, QuanticMind provides the strategies and tools that empower education marketers to deliver breakthrough ROI.

Our best-in-class bid optimization solutions, backed by insights from our proprietary machine learning algorithms, power more streamlined advertising investments that drive improved conversion rates, reduced cost per enrollment, and increased student retention all at once.

Our Key Functionalities


Scalable analytics infrastructure that consolidates and stores all publisher, recruitment, and retention data, whether online or offline.


Custom integrations with any data source to ensure education marketers are centralizing all pertinent spend and conversion data.


Maximize the return on every paid click with exclusive, groundbreaking keyword-level bid optimization strategies.


Sophisticated audience targeting options that draw on historical data to set optimal bid adjustments targeting specific demographics.


Incorporate natural language processing and semantic distance modeling to intelligently bid on long-tail keywords, even with scarce data.


Predict the performance of bid policies up to 100 days in the future by capitalizing on past enrollment data and seasonality.


Optimize any combination of metrics in the funnel to balance lead volume, profitability, and student retention.


White-glove customer service and easy access to SEM experts who deliver winning digital acquisition programs.

How to Leverage Socio-Demographic & Audience Targeting for Marketing

Whether you’re managing the performance marketing campaigns for a renowned university or an online language learning platform, it’s essential that you don’t simply throw a blanket over audiences. Those days are long gone. Instead, education marketers today must be cognizant of the fact that each member of their audience has a specific set of attributes that influences how they should be targeted.

In this actionable eBook, we lay out the steps to implement precise audience targeting successfully. We also take a deep dive into the challenges of working with audience data and the best platforms to use to ensure peak performance.

Case Studies and Other Resources

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