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Quantic Mind Trusted by World-Class Enterprise Brands

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Explore how companies around the globe use QuanticMind to automate, optimize, and grow their paid research programs to drive peak performance at scale.

“The results from QuanticMind have been amazing. We’ve ended up saving $700,000 and increasing our goal conversions 16% year over year.”

“With a partner like QuanticMind, you can set a goal that might seem a bit lofty and come away with incredible results.”

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It’s great to be working with a partner who knows Search well. The QuanticMind team is very detailed and we don’t have to waste time on anything basic. They just get it.

Kalle Tompros, Senior SEM Manager

QuanticMind has helped us centralize our back-end product and transactional data to overlay profit margin and customer lifetime value with our Google Ads data.

Mike Jarocki, Acquisition Manager
Pet Circle

In just a short space of time, QuanticMind has improved our operational efficiency while freeing up time to allow us to focus on furthering the business.

Brian Lamb, Marketing Analyst
Hot Topic

I loved the fact that QuanticMind’s solution leveraged SMART data and the account managers provided excellent support and service.

Ting Ding, Statistical Analyst

The QuanticMind team worked really hard with us to figure out the ways we can work toward our true metric … they were an important partner in strategy and not just execution. QuanticMind really went above and beyond to help us there.

Joanne Yuen, Acquisition Marketing Manager

QuanticMind works very closely with clients to understand their needs and adapt the product to accommodate unique business models.

Diana Boyles, VP of Marketing

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