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“It’s great to be working with a partner who knows Search well. The Quanticmind team is very detailed and we don’t have to waste time on anything basic. They just get it”


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“The results from QuanticMind have been amazing. We’ve ended up saving $700,000 and increasing our goal conversions 16% year over year”
Victor Hernandez, Director Digital Marketing

Trusted by Leading Brands

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Helping Our Customers Succeed

Explore how companies around the globe use QuanticMind to automate, optimize, and grow their paid research programs to drive peak performance at scale.


Knowing that a powerful marketing outlet like PPC exists but not having the tools to fully optimize it can be incredibly frustrating. This was the problem facing Babbel. Their campaigns were yielding new registrations, but they were never able to improve their PPC efforts in a consistent and repeatable manner. Enter QuanticMind. Our proprietary revenue-per-click bidding technology quickly helped them to gain greater scale, higher granularity for targeting and faster, more profitable performance for their campaigns. The result? A 150% increase in sales.

QuanticMind Education Case Studies

Babbel, the top-grossing language learning app, lifts sales by a massive 150%.

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Seattle, Washington

You might not think beloved, gold-standard cruise line Windstar Cruises would need to sell itself, but it’s a crowded world. Their marketing department had reached a growth plateau and they had a sneaking suspicion that they were wasting money by underutilizing the most advanced technologies available today. They were right. QuanticMind came in afresh and began automatically and programmatically adjusting bids to ensure the team was anticipating and executing the most profitable paid advertising investments. They’ve ended up saving over $700,000 and increased conversions by 16% year-over-year.

QuanticMind Travel Case Study

Discover how Windstar Cruises saved 700k in PPC ad spend and increased campaign ROI.

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Financial Services
Los Angeles, California

Ready to learn how specialty retailer Lear Capital observed a 450% increase in both lead volume and revenue along with a 140% net increase in profits? This video testimonial has all the answers, shedding light on the costly limitations of utilizing legacy manual bidding tools, the value that comes with a dedicated customer support team, and the power of QuanticMind’s breakthrough machine learning-driven technology.

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Lear Capital more than doubles its profits while eliminating hours of campaign management

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Seattle, Washington

Interested in hearing how one of the largest web companies in the world increased PPC revenue while simultaneously decreasing their CPA? In this MOZ video testimonial, we’ll guide you toward an answer that will illuminate the power of automated digital marketing strategies, help you solve paid advertising problems at deeper levels of granularity, improve your conversion percentages, and empower you to create more effective campaigns while investing less time and money.

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Renowned SaaS company MOZ slashes CPA by $100 and boosts PPC revenue

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