Winning at Local Search: Using all Available Tools to Beat the Competition

Winning at Local Search: Using all Available Tools to Beat the Competition

Some of the most important tactics for local search are less-popular features that are either overlooked or underused. Join our webinar for specific, proven best practices and cutting-edge hacks to get the most from your local search marketing campaigns.

If you work in local search, or have any business with a local component, you probably know how challenging this field is. There are many, many important checklists to stay on top of, important publisher best practices to follow, and constant threats from competition.

There are definitely some tools available to those of us who work in local search – but it’s probably best to ensure that the most important, proven strategies are in our toolbox, as well as the latest additions to local search from publisher tools via features like Google My Business. Join our webinar to make sure you’re taking full advantage of the most critical table-stakes features in local search, as well as new tactics and features from Google – and even a way to hack in clicks-to-bricks attribution.

Andrew Park is a content marketing manager at QuanticMind. A UC Berkeley graduate and lifelong Bay Area resident, Andrew has done tours of duty in editorial, PR and marketing, and now works with the QuanticMind team to communicate the importance of data science and machine learning in digital advertising.

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