Windstar Cruises: Why the Partnership with QuanticMind “Will Last a Lifetime”

Windstar Cruises: Why the Partnership with QuanticMind “Will Last a Lifetime”

You might not think a beloved, gold-standard cruise line would need to sell itself, but it’s a crowded world. Windstar Cruises, which boasts six different ships across 300 ports and 80 countries, knew that while its customer experience was top notch, it’s market share could improve. The marketing department also had a sneaking suspicion that they were wasting money by underutilizing the most advanced technologies available today.

Expanding the Scope for Rich Experiences and World Travel

Meet Director of Digital Marketing and CRM Victor Hernandez. He oversees digital marketing channels for Windstar – SEM, SEO, programmatic, tag implementation, analytics and customer database. A few years ago, he took a hard look at their current approach and realized it just wasn’t cutting the mustard.

“Our vision is enriching people’s perspective through inspired travel,” Hernandez says. He knew that the company could only fully realize that vision if customers knew what their options were, and that’s why they needed a better strategy. While the average business sees a $2 return for every $1 spent on Google ads, their current method just wasn’t effective enough to get them where they wanted to go.

“The biggest challenge in digital marketing is constant change,” Hernandez explains. “Now that artificial intelligence is coming into play, that’s disrupting how we traditionally do things. When we got the opportunity to start fresh, I decided that a platform that is newer with more recent technology was going to be the way to go.”

Machine Learning and Data Science to the Rescue

Enter QuanticMind, which specializes in the use of machine learning and data science.

“QuanticMind, for us, compared to an ad agency has been ahead by leaps and bounds,” he says, adding that while the ad agency required constant manual work and was limited to rebidding on a daily basis, QuanticMind suffered from no such limitations. “QuanticMind can make the same bid four or five times within that same day.”

Because digital advertising platforms bounce around so much throughout the course of a day or a week, and because the human mind simply can’t compensate for that, artificial intelligence provides a solution unreachable even by an entire marketing team.

Incredible Results in a Matter of Months

Don’t believe us? Look at the results: “We’ve ended up saving $700,000 roughly and increasing our goal conversions by 16 percent year-over-year,” Hernandez says. He further adds that the leadership valued bestowed by QuanticMind’s topnotch platform is incredible. The results have catapulted him to market leadership within his company, proving that this technology not only serves to increase conversions, but also to increase expertise within companies, boost the effectiveness of overarching advertising campaigns and create digital marketing thought leaders across industries.

Plain and simple, says the knowledgeable marketing director, “We’re smarter with the technology behind us. The team at QuanticMind was way above and beyond what every other brand had. This is more of an authentic experience, which matches our brand’s values and vision. Amazing how everything fit in line with our company and what I was searching for in a tool.”

“I don’t think I would ever use a different platform knowing that a platform like QuanticMind exists,” Hernandez adds sincerely. “The partnership for me will be for a lifetime.”

Want to learn more about this case study, as well as what QuanticMind can do for you? Watch it yourself here, and if you feel inspired – spoiler alert: you will – reach out to us for a demo today.

Simon Hall

Simon Hall is the Content Marketing Manager at QuanticMind. He is using his experience in account development to design innovative programs that drive demand and create messaging that resonates with customers and empowers the sales organization to be successful. Simon earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine and Studio Arts from Loughborough University (UK) and a Diploma in International Studies at Hong Kong Design Institute (Hong Kong).

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