How to Tell If You Are Wasting Money on Google Ads

Are You Wasting Money on Google Ads? [eBook]

New eBook Offers Step-by-Step Guide to Help Uncover Opportunities and Boost Returns On Google Ads

As a digital advertiser, you’re well aware of the amount of resources, time, and labor that go into your search advertising efforts in order to create an effective strategy, maximize profits and achieve ever-higher ROI.

You likely take all the necessary steps you can to get the most out of every ad dollar. You track metrics and obsess over data. You strategically use negative keywords, mine search queries and agonize over long-tail keyword bids.

In addition, you also know that Google Ads and Bing Ads have added a bevy of new features in recent years that enable you to more accurately target your audiences and maximize keyword bid efficiency — which ostensibly can significantly boost profits and add value to your advertising efforts.

That said, their platforms are now also infinitely more complex, which only contributes to your already heavy workload and stretched resources and budget — which in turn can potentially overshadow the inherent value they might bring to your campaigns. And despite a multitude of new tools and technologies at your fingertips, many digital advertisers like you might lack the resources, personnel and expertise necessary to take full advantage of their benefits.

For digital advertisers, the inability to understand and fully utilize the wide range of Google Ads tools can mean a slew of missed opportunities and a lot of money unintentionally left on the table. And it all can take a toll — on both your budget and bottom line. These are some of the many challenges we address in our new eBook “Are You Wasting Money on Google Ads?”

Yet conversely, if you make the right bids with precision, accuracy and knowledge, you can dramatically reduce wasted ad spend, create new efficiencies and generate high returns in the process.

We at QuanticMind want to help set you on that path. And as with anything, the first step is understanding what you’re doing wrong — or what you could be doing better. We’ll start with how you can best utilize the plethora of tools available to you to maximize each bid and create the highest value and ROI for your campaigns.

Our eBook “Are You Wasting Money on Google Ads?” is a step-by-step guide offering five different scenarios that will help you uncover new opportunities to boost returns on Google Ads — all by following the provided guidelines. Read on to get started.

Additionally, please reach out to request a QuanticMind demo. You can bring us the results of your analysis and we can propose the right solution to fit your specific business needs and campaign goals.

To your success!

Stefanie Hoffman is a Content Marketing Manager at QuanticMind. As a former award winning journalist and public relations specialist, she specializes in the art of storytelling, with a passion for developing compelling narratives and creating strategy that drives brand awareness and elevates industry thought leaders. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Cornell College.

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