Top 5 Machine Learning Posts of 2018

Top 5 Machine Learning Posts of 2018

As machine learning continues to become an increasingly valuable technology, more businesses will embrace the AI revolution. Competition to employ the most effective machine learning solutions will surge and only the teams with the strongest AI strategies will retain an advantage in their respective marketplaces.

Accordingly, the topic is hot, so we’ve put together a selection of our favorite machine learning-themed posts from the past 12 months. From showcasing businesses that realize its full potential to exploring how it will impact the customer journey – we offer a wide overview of the amazing opportunities machine learning represents.

We begin, though, with a simple introduction to what it’s all about…

Introduction to Machine Learning for Marketers and Businesses

Given how saturated our media landscape has become with mentions of machine learning, we felt the need to thoroughly explain the topic, as well as clear up some of the misconceptions between it and artificial intelligence (AI). Moreover, it’s incredibly important if you’re a marketer or business to understand machine learning and what it can do for you.

Today’s average marketing professional already has an almost unmanageably full plate. Not only are you supposed to create meaningful campaigns, understand the difference between and select the best search engine marketing strategies, and somehow find time for that cup of coffee — now you’re supposed to understand machine learning too? This blog post offers a comprehensive, intelligible introduction to what it’s all about. So, ready to learn … about how machines learn? Read on.

How ML Will Transform the Advertising Industry

The digital footprint consumers leave is huge, and it’s only continuing to grow. On Google alone, 40,000 search queries are performed per second. To put that in perspective, that’s 3.46 million searches per day. By the time advertisers have managed to derive insights from their data and adjust their campaign accordingly, a new, more relevant data set emerges. Only the largest and most competitive global corporations could hope to build an advertising team with enough data specialists to effectively tackle this kind of undertaking.

As such, many advertisers are coming to the realization that machine learning is the only viable solution to this growing problem. Among other things, the technology makes it possible to analyze and gain insights from exponentially more data than a human could ever process in their lifetimes. What’s more, it also automates advertising decisions based on these insights, making ads more efficient and effective, and driving business revenue in the process. We take a look at just how the technology will add to an advertiser’s arsenal.

How Machine Learning Is Changing the Customer Journey and Digital Marketing Forever

As a marketer, if you were to envision the ideal customer journey — the online experiences and interactions that a potential customer could have with your brand — what would that look like? The gap between those ideal digital or physical interactions and what’s possible based on the available technology has always been wide (billboard ads anyone?). But in the last few years, the emergence and democratization of machine learning and artificial intelligence has narrowed this gap more than any technology that has come before it.

In this feature, we dive into how machine learning has propelled us into a new era of marketing where each day, hour, and millisecond is different and more informed than the last, with billions of data points at your disposal, getting us closer than ever to the holy grail of marketing — confidently delivering the “right message to the right person at the right time.”

How to Break Through a Marketing Plateau with Machine Learning [Case Study]

When your product or solution has not only proven itself viable, but popular in the market, it can feel confusing to see zero growth in sales. Actually, it can feel downright frustrating. Still, after Peddle’s Director of Marketing Rob Bari had tried multiple marketing solutions to little avail, he wasn’t sure where to turn.

As so many small, medium-sized and even large businesses today can attest, marketing often seems like an unsolvable puzzle. You try solution after solution, both home-grown and outsourced, yet nothing really changes. Growth is stagnant, you’re not reaching new markets and worst of all, competitors seem to be doing just fine. If that sounds like a story you’ve heard, you’re in good company: Peddle heard it too. Luckily, they company turned things around. And the reason? They started leveraging the power of machine learning and data science, driving record conversion and revenue growth. Check out their success story here.

Uncertainty Is the New Norm in Marketing — Here’s How Digital Leaders Prioritize Growth Strategy

Any business leader that hopes to succeed in the coming years must develop a future-proof growth strategy, one that can withstand tectonic shifts in global markets that will make it difficult for brands to set marketing goals that will remain meaningful and relevant. Future performance on marketing spend is tough to predict given some of the current changes in the market. New online regulations, while creating necessary protections for citizens, also create hurdles that we must overcome to succeed online.

Here, we delve into a few of the coming challenges, look at some examples of online leaders doing it right, and ultimately explain why machine learning is the most powerful way to keep up with market changes and analyze new opportunities to take advantage of niches that pop up faster than your competitors.

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Simon Hall

Simon Hall is the Content Marketing Manager at QuanticMind. He is using his experience in account development to design innovative programs that drive demand and create messaging that resonates with customers and empowers the sales organization to be successful. Simon earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine and Studio Arts from Loughborough University (UK) and a Diploma in International Studies at Hong Kong Design Institute (Hong Kong).

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