The OTA Marketing Strategy that Lifts profits 200% While Cutting Costs 20%

The OTA Marketing Strategy that Lifts profits 200% While Cutting Costs 20%

A leading OTA was managing more than 10,000 travel products across 60 micro-sites. How did it strengthen its OTA marketing strategy with granular data science to double its digital profits and cut costs 20%? Get the details in the full OTA marketing strategy success story.

OTA Marketing Strategy – Where to Begin?

The world of online travel agencies (OTA) is already highly competitive, but OTA marketing strategy, in particular, is a challenging business. And what is OTA marketing’s biggest challenge? Take your pick. For example, while price tends to remain the most significant factor in the decision to use an OTA, website experience has also been cited as being extremely important for customers. But optimizing your OTA website requires tying together a thousand loose ends, including but not limited to: multiple destinations with unique descriptions and rich media; user reviews; and up-to-date pricing on the front-end.

Yet travel marketers know the real question of how to increase OTA business also involves important considerations on the back-end. Your OTA marketing plan must also include driving more traffic and conversions (including through paid channels like paid search); managing multiple connected websites for different destinations under the same OTA umbrella; and in some cases, collecting clear, compelling performance metrics to drive internal buy-in from other teams.

Managing Multiple Marketing Considerations for Digital

This is exactly what leading global OTA isango! encountered in its day-to-day marketing operations. An ambitious worldwide operation, isango! felt pressure from multiple marketing challenges, not just from thin margins, but also from the grueling operations of managing more than 10,000 unique travel experiences across more than 60 micro-sites. In order to drive better results, it needed a way to efficiently operationalize its marketing so that its team could focus on higher-level strategy.

And with the help of a predictive advertising optimization solution, isango! did just that. It used a data-driven solution powered by data science, which took a granular approach to optimizing paid search campaigns that ironed out inefficiencies at the individual keyword level. By ironing out these efficiencies, the OTA reduced its cost basis 20% while doubling its profit margins.

In addition, with the help of this solution’s rapid insight reporting, the isango! marketing team was able to generate clear, quantitative reports that unquestionably isolated the company’s strongest opportunities for improvement in its digital campaigns. As a result, the team drove stronger internal alignment to procure resources in service of these goals. And today, the team now puts significantly more of its focus on OTA marketing strategy…not on manual operations. Read the full OTA marketing strategy success story for more details.

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