QuanticMind Offers Search Marketers Powerful New Automated Bidding Capabilities

We announced our Spring 2019 product release today, ushering in new functionality for digital marketers who are focused on achieving peak performance and optimization with paid search channels. By implementing significant upgrades to our foundational infrastructure, we’ve unlocked ways to automate highly valuable audience bid adjustments in Google Ads, optimize Bing Shopping campaigns using proprietary data science techniques, and forecast budget and revenue for key Search programs. These new features are together designed to afford our customers more outlets to optimize their SEM programs and ultimately drive more revenue and improve ROI.

“We’ve added significantly more sophistication to our algorithms to ensure better accuracy, increased reliability, and ultimately optimal performance of paid search campaigns” says our CEO, Chaitanya Chandrasekar. “These updates represent only the beginning of the journey we’re on to deliver a solution that helps our customers solve paid advertising challenges at far greater scale, faster, and at deeper levels of granularity than previously possible.”

Here at QuanticMind, we’re continually engaged in a rhythm of product improvements to add more levels of automation and granularity to an already optimized paid search experience. This Spring release adds another chapter to this cadence, offering marketers the tools necessary to scale their campaigns and adapt bidding strategies in a way that drives meaningful efficiency improvements.

So, what are the main features?

The standout highlight is the launch of Automated Audience Bid Modifiers on Google. Marketers are often tasked with showcasing their ads to targeted audiences: who they are, their interests and habits, what they’re actively researching, or how they have interacted with businesses in the past. Our platform dynamically automates this process, drawing on the historical performance of these audiences to set optimal bid adjustments and empowering marketers to achieve desired goals. This new, efficient bidding model essentially ensures that marketers are minimizing wasted advertising spend and maximizing their business returns by reaching the right people, with the right message, at precisely the right moment.

The second major feature to be rolled out comes in the form of Bid Policy Forecasting. Taking into account auction landscape data, past trends, and seasonality, the platform can now predict the performance of bid policies up to 100 days in the future. By surfacing such critical insights ahead of time, customers can determine what ROAS or CPA targets need to be set to achieve specific goals, and also respond to shifts in business constraints that arise from issues such as budget alterations.

Rounding up the trio of primary releases is Bing Shopping Optimization. Now, the same powerful machine learning algorithms that are applied towards Google Shopping campaigns can be employed to drive better investments on Bing. Strategies and reporting across the two publishers sit directly in one single source of truth, allowing for a more holistic overview of performance. The platform continues to support feed management for both the Google and Bing Merchant Centers.

In addition to these main updates, we’ve also been focused on developing a series of smaller features to further facilitate optimization efforts. From enriched location attribution to bid policy management improvements and scheduled reporting adjustments, we’re putting our customers in a better position to capitalize on more opportunities as they develop and execute the most precise advertising investments.

In the end, the QuanticMind team understands that when it comes down to the fundamental goals of performance and growth, every company has different needs and expectations. Companies are today dealing with multiple goals across a plethora of distribution channels. That’s why we’ve dedicated our 2019 Spring Release to expanding the ways in which our customers can reach their desired audiences, gain purposeful insights, and maximize the effectiveness of their bids.

To find out more information about all of our recent product feature and settings updates, or to get answers to any questions you may have, contact QuanticMind today.

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