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Scout: The Future of TikTok, AI Data Privacy Solutions, and More

The Google trial, in-game advertising regulation, and more feature in this week's list of top digital marketing content.

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3 Questions about Native Advertising (with Jonathan Kim)

There's no stopping the growth of native ads! Check out these three key native advertising insights from Jonathan Kim.

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Gen Z and the Future of Digital Advertising

Advertisers must start developing strategies to reach and appeal to Gen Z, which is projected to become America’s largest generation by 2034.

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5 Examples of Compelling Native Advertising (And Why They Work)

We explore five of our favorite examples of native advertising from the last year and dissect exactly why they are so effective.

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Centro on Google’s Plan to Delay Third-Party Cookie Blocking

Today, news broke that Google has delayed the release of third-party cookie-blocking in Chrome until late 2023. Here's our take.

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What is Social Media Buying?

Learn all about what goes into the social media buying process, including the selection of format and platforms.

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Dashboard Reporting Best Practices for Travel Marketers

A selection of dashboard best practices travel marketers should follow to keep performance on the side of cutting edge.

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7 Tips for Creating an Effective KPI Report

We outline seven tips that you can implement to ensure you are creating effective KPI reports from the very beginning.

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DIAL: Digital Innovations Awesome List (June 2021)

We’ve compiled all the articles, reports, and other bits of industry awesomeness that you may have missed from last month!

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Will Google FLoC Replace Third-Party Cookies?

Ever since Google announced it would be disabling third-party cookies in its Chrome browser, the advertising world has been waiting anxiously to see what technology will take their place as the go-to digital identity solution. Is Google FLoC the replacement for third-party cookies marketers and advertisers have been searching for?

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