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Scout: The Future of TikTok, AI Data Privacy Solutions, and More

The Google trial, in-game advertising regulation, and more feature in this week's list of top digital marketing content.

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Don’t Forget to Breathe: Reframe Community Group

Our Reframe community group provides a safe space to rethink how we understand mental health conditions and discuss practices to manage them.

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How to Cope with Pandemic Burnout

This is the third in an 11-part series of blog posts that focus on Centro’s corporate guiding principles, and how ...

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How Important is DEI to Job Seekers? (Intern Roundtable)

As a recently graduated Black woman who is just beginning her career, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and workplace culture ...

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Adweek NexTech: A Conversation on In-Housing with Arturo Pena, VP of Global Marketing at Cognizant

Centro’s Tyler Kelly speaks with Cognizant's Arturo Pena about the strategies of in-housing and B2B addressability in digital advertising.

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Basis Delivers 48% ROI for Brand Marketers

The agility, automation, and data transparency offered by Basis adds up to major cost saving for marketers. The digital media ...

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The Pitfalls of Stitching Data Together Manually

From inconsistency risks to scalability issues, we outline six of the main challenges manual data integration efforts pose for businesses.

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What's the Difference Between Native Advertising and Sponsored Content?

What is Native Advertising? Native advertising is a type of paid advertisement that is designed to match the look, feel, ...

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The Pros and Cons of Social Media Advertising

Why Paid Social? With more than half the world’s population now using social media, and people spending an average of ...

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Dynamic Creative Optimization: What is DCO & How Does It Work?

Dynamic Creative Optimization, or DCO, is a streamlined tool that enhances a marketing team’s productivity when used properly.

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