The New QuanticMind Website: What I Learned in the Process

Since its inception, QuanticMind has been dedicated to helping marketers drive better business outcomes through its smart technology solutions. In the last few years, the company has grown and evolved with the development of existing products and the introduction of new services like QuanticMind Digital. The entire team has been working on improving its offerings and creating a better experience for all stakeholders associated with the business.

So, with excitement around the company at an all-time high, the time was perfect to form a fresh, polished look, beginning with the construction of a brand-new website. With plenty of things happening, we’ve spent a lot of time researching, planning, binge drinking coffee, having sleepless nights over what shade of green to choose (totally joking (but not really)), all to explore every little detail of what we wanted to present to the world.

The reason for the change was to portray our key message to our target audience and highlight the best features of the company. Our brand mission and values weren’t being reflected effectively in our previous design – it was too wordy, hard to navigate, and elicited no sense of direction or enthusiasm. The overall aesthetics of our website felt outdated and left no room to parade who we really are.

Ultimately, the primary goal was to drive more traffic to our site through enjoyable user experiences and easy to understand messaging about what the QuanticMind team can do for you. Our secondary goal was to fully showcase the personality of the company itself.

What does QuanticMind do?

QuanticMind enables performance marketers to achieve superior results.

In a nutshell, that’s what we do! We help our customers increase their revenue through SEM and other marketing programs by empowering them with our proprietary machine learning-powered bidding algorithms. The phrase alone can raise questions – “so what does that mean for my company?” With our technology being so complex, we were looking to humanize it on the most basic level. (Isn’t that ironic? Wanting to humanize machine learning.) We began by bringing everything down to the most simplistic form and describing the power of our technology. We kept it simple, concise, and easy on the eyes 😉

So without further ado, I am incredibly excited to share just how the process of the website design came to fruition. To quote Gordon Ramsey:

The Research Phase

I started with the fundamental questions: What does QuanticMind do and how do we do it? What did we want the new QuanticMind to be? When first conducting my research, I realized it was essential to start by writing down words or sayings I felt represented our company. Making wordlists, analyzing other companies that had our desired atmosphere, creating mood boards and color palettes, exploring how other sites were phrasing sentences, and looking at the tonality of their presence online – it was a lengthy process.

It wasn’t until after speaking with Brian Bird, our co-Founder and COO, that something just stuck. He said, with a smile on his face, that “the people at QuanticMind were nerds who don’t take themselves too seriously”. And it’s true! Not long after I had joined the company and got to know my team and various other teams, I felt that what he said was truly representative of the company culture.

While we do have a lot of knowledge and like to convey the power of our product, we also want to have fun with it and share our knowledge with the world! You can see that just by checking out our blog – it is full of incredible ebooks and infographics. The best thing about this company is that even though each team does a different task, in the end, we all work together to get the best results for our customers. #OneTeam.

So, with that saying in mind, Brian had summarized the embodiment of QuanticMind and our new brand look would be guided by three words: intelligent, innovative, and friendly.

The New QuanticMind Website: What I Learned in the Process

The Design Phase

This revamp wasn’t meant to stray too far from the already existing QuanticMind brand aesthetics. We weren’t changing our brand, just upgrading it. Simply by taking what colors already existed, boosting the vibrancy, and adding more colors and shades to the palette, the brand was modernized and cleaner. The result was eliciting more liveliness and transmitting a friendlier, more playful energy across our site online.

The New QuanticMind Website: What I Learned in the Process

The word “tech” can mean many things and for those that might be “technologically disadvantaged”, it can be intimidating to discover more about a product or a company. When there are technologies we’re unfamiliar with or fall out of our general knowledge spectrum, there’s a possibility that it may be hard to understand on a layman level and can be uninviting to learn more about.

The New QuanticMind Website: What I Learned in the Process

We didn’t want that.

When we address QuanticMind’s technology and services and how we provide for marketers and professionals, we wanted to hit a more personal tone – “if you don’t know how we can help you, that’s not a problem because we can walk it through with you”. Have a silly or dumb question? We love those! In this day-and-age, we see technology providing so many possibilities. The new site is designed to be welcoming and encouraging for anyone to explore, learn, and even start a conversation with someone from our awesome Sales Team. Talk to us. We’re friendly and we make dad jokes (really bad ones).

The Final Phase

We’ve managed to complete our masterpiece. Okay, so it’s not a piece of art, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be appreciated like one. We’ve dedicated a large chunk of time and sweat to this project, so it’s only right that it gets the attention it deserves. The site turned out better than expected and I’m incredibly proud of our team for pulling it off. We’ve looked at every detail of copy, color, texture, imagery, illustration and it has been carefully crafted the way we wanted it. Like any project, it’s never really done. There’s always room for growth, improvement, and more additions to the site in the future. But now that it’s finally launched, all I can say is “Whoo!”. I hope the new QuanticMind site will be enjoyed by all.

The New QuanticMind Website: What I Learned in the Process

If our revamp has inspired you to do the same with your website, just remember that the process always takes time to research, change, and research again on repeat until you get the “yes, this is who we are!” feeling. Gather information and narrow it down to its simplest form. Then you’ll be able to focus on finding the voice of your company. Follow design principles that work for you and always remember the effect the redesign can have on your SEO. You can learn more from our blog feature How to Prepare For and Survive Launches of Redesigned Websites.

If you already have an awesome website and need help in generating traffic to your business with great quality leads through paid search, social, and shopping, QuanticMind is here to help. Sign up for a free consultation with our experts now!


Cleo Sonski is a Graphic Designer at QuanticMind. She specializes in creating illustrative digital storytelling and experiences across brand and marketing. Utilizing her knowledge working in startups, she likes to refresh new ideas to broaden brand awareness and embrace the fun side of tech. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Web Design + New Media from Academy of Art University.