Master the Art of Marketing Attribution with Forrester

Master the Art of Marketing Attribution with Forrester

New Forrester Report: “Customer-Obsessed Marketing Demands Unified Management”

As a digital marketer and advertiser, you know that the media and marketing landscape have become vastly more complicated over the last few decades, thanks in part to exponential amounts of data from countless new and evolving sources. New action-based metrics sourced to cutting edge digital channels only increase pressure for marketers not only to keep pace with competitors and industry benchmarks, but exceed them. And of those metrics, marketing attribution is perhaps one of the most valuable in digital marketing.

Among other things, attribution enables organizations to leverage data-driven insights to create comprehensive marketing plans and strategies, make business decisions, provide a holistic view into the customer journey, and optimize activities around all customer touchpoints and channels, including email, social, web and others.

In short, it’s a fundamental element of your digital marketing strategy and campaign goals.

Yet despite this, marketing attribution is often poorly understood and even more poorly executed — when it’s leveraged at all — by digital marketers and other industry professionals. Not surprisingly, around 45 percent of CMOs and other marketing decision makers indicate that measuring results is a major challenge, according to Forrester.

Unfortunately, these huge knowledge deficits around attribution only grow wider the longer they’re ignored, putting organizations farther and farther behind their internal marketing objectives, industry peers and — most importantly — their competition.

Our new Forrester Report, “Customer-Obsessed Marketing Demands Unified Management” is here to fix that. Whether you feel behind the attribution curve, paralyzed from lack of knowledge or overwhelmed navigating through the labyrinth of advice and information, our report thoroughly addresses every aspect of marketing attribution that will help eliminate confusion, put an accelerator on your performance, and give you a leg up on the competition.

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 New Forrester Report “Customer-Obsessed Marketing Demands Unified Management”

Here are some of the attribution insights, along with strategy tips and tricks, you’ll glean from our report:

Why Your Traditional Marketing Attribution Approach Can’t Keep Pace With the Industry: Simple channel tracking tools and standard campaign metrics regularly don’t take into consideration our complex and constantly evolving marketing environment. And even mixed modeling tools often lag behind the latest digital marketing data, technology and customer needs. Explore why current marketing metrics aren’t always a barometer of effectiveness, how mix and attribution models provide conflicting data, and how data complexity throws an even bigger wrench into the mix.

How to Unify Attribution Approaches for Comprehensive Insights (And Tackling Some Difficult Questions): For marketers, the copious amount of data that they have to decipher on a daily basis is often dizzying, exhausting and utterly bewildering. To leverage this information effectively and truly uncover value for their organization, marketers need to adopt a unified approach that attempts to rein in data sprawl from a multitude of sources about campaigns and their corresponding results. Only when they get a handle on their data can marketers expect to develop efficiencies and accelerate performance that translate into profitable returns. We give you a few insights on how to do this, as well as help answer tough questions that include: How do pricing and distribution impact sales? And how do you value long-term brand impact?  

How to a Unified Approach Will Help Jumpstart Your Attribution Strategy: Unified measurement provides the right tools and a strong foundation in order to make strategic, data-driven decisions as well as measure individual interactions to gauge performance. Our report provides a handy guide that will help you lay the groundwork for a comprehensive attribution strategy, and provide everything you need to know to execute soup to nuts, outlining critical steps that start with the scope of your metrics, then progressing to assessment and analyzation of your metrics’ maturity and then bridging any gaps between marketing and customer insights.

How Unified Measurement Will Help You Deliver A Quality Experience to Your Customers: Ultimately, a unified approach opens up a world of new possibilities for planning and executing on your campaigns, paving the way for higher quality engagements that result in stronger returns. How to execute on a “less is more’ marketing strategy to achieve the biggest bang for your buck, redefining engagement metrics, developing new proxies for success and building stronger and more strategic cross-functional partnerships are just a few of the valuable insights you’ll receive.

Summary: If you’re tired of watching others in your industry gain a competitive edge while you feel like you’re drowning in misinformation, you’re not alone. Attribution, like anything, is an art that’s constantly evolving, changing with the tides of a diverse and dynamic online advertising industry. Whether you’re building a foundation from ground zero or looking to hone and refine your attribution acumen, our insider findings will help you at any stage of your journey.


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