Learn how to Optimize PPC with Big Data and Machine Learning [An Infographic]

This infographic provides a walkthrough of how to take your good results and drive towards better PPC performance using Big Data, Machine Learning, and Human Experience. The goal: extract the best possible results by using forward-thinking strategies and technology available today.

In the modern data environment of the internet, customer journeys are more intricate, making a “Conversion” in Google Ads worth less – and your own ability to track revenue so much more meaningful. Your data tells a better story, you just need to capture it, unify it, and process it. 

Given technological advances in scalability and infrastructure, the application of machine learning is the no-brainer approach to process all that data. And show you what is really “converting” lower down the funnel.

But machines, automation, and computers can’t do it all alone – not without human involvement! A relationship is necessary. Learn more about the relationship between your data, your automation options, and your role in the process in our new eBook: The Path to Great PPC: Merging Big Data, Machine Learning, and Human Experience.

Learn how to Optimize PPC with Big Data and Machine Learning [An Infographic]

To download this infographic, click here. Alternatively, if you’d like to request a demo with us and discuss all the ways we could drive improved SEM performance through big data and machine learning for you, get in touch here.

Nick Budincich

Hi, I'm Nick! I'm the Demand Generation Manager at QuanticMind. I'm obsessed with learning and growing and evolving personally and professionally. I've been here at the big "Q-M" since 2014 and have transitioned through internships, sales ops, revenue and business ops, and now living the Marketing world, getting a feel for the function as a whole!

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