Fashion Retailer Hot Topic Increases ROAS by 12% with Intelligent Bid Optimization

With more and more companies embracing the AI revolution and enjoying the benefits that come with utilizing machine learning technologies, competition in the paid digital advertising space is surging. The failure to adopt and implement automated solutions to gain greater scale and higher granularity of targeting will ultimately mean losing market share to those who have already made the leap. The chore of managing campaigns manually or through inefficient legacy tools is further exhausting from a time investment standpoint, sapping working hours that could be spent focusing on growth opportunities and strategies.

Is this a scenario that sounds familiar? It certainly did to leading fashion retailer Hot Topic back in 2018. Their Search and Shopping programs were growing exponentially, creating a great deal of additional work for their two-man team, and it was becoming apparent their manual approach to bid optimization was both unsustainable and not yielding the desired results. Their strategy needed an overhaul.

Introducing Senior Digital Marketing Analyst Brian Lamb. He made the call to try a new approach. “It was reaching a point of critical mass” he recalls. “We had no time to spend doing the work as well as we wanted to. We needed something that was more intelligent than just an excel spreadsheet.” Brian began exploring various options and after speaking with his digital marketing colleagues at a Hot Topic sister company, he opted for QuanticMind’s advanced data-science powered platform.

The Power of Data Science and Intelligent Bid Optimization

Two issues were plaguing Hot Topic when they approached QuanticMind: scalability and efficiency. What they wanted was really quite straightforward:

  • To make sure they were making the best possible use of their budget
  • To spend less time self-managing bids so that focus could be turned to strategy

Put simply, the task of managing over 4,000 PLA campaigns, each containing hundreds of product partitions and keywords, was exhausting Brian’s time to a point where he was unable to effectively maintain and service his portfolio regularly. Intelligent automation was required. A use case ideally tailored for QuanticMind.

Integration began in August of 2018 and Hot Topic were soon taking advantage of the platform’s data science techniques, pushing bids at a scale and a level of granularity previously unforeseen. The days of blanket bid adjustments have made way for sophisticated, intelligent optimization.

Today, QuanticMind’s precise, AI-powered bidding algorithms are automatically and programmatically making in excess of 100,000 daily bid changes in Hot Topic’s program, anticipating and executing the best investments. The result has been a 12% lift in ROAS, but this is only part of the success story. “The time savings have been huge for us” Brian says. “Partnering with a technology that manages bids has ultimately allowed me to spend more time strategizing, thinking through to bigger projects, and focusing attention on the marketing tactics that will help the company grow.” His dream outcome realized.

To ensure performance remains above idealized standards, Brian has weekly meetings with QuanticMind Digital – the agency arm of QuanticMind – and their team of SEM specialists to discuss ways to eek out more efficiencies and flush out solutions to any challenges that arise. “We’re excited to have the professional aspect as part of the suite of services” he says. “It’s great to leverage the expertise of another mind and another pair of eyes. Having an outside perspective is always extremely valuable and if we ever run into technical difficulties, the QuanticMind team is always able to sort the issue in a timely manner. They are consistent in providing customer satisfaction.”

Fashion Retailer Hot Topic Increase ROAS by 12% with Intelligent Bid Optimization

Wish You Could Emulate Hot Topic’s Success?

If you wish you could emulate Hot Topic’s success story, good news. With the right tools at your fingertips, you can. If you’d like to learn more about how Hot Topic achieved these results with QuanticMind, you can grab the case study and start leveraging the power of machine learning for yourself.

If you’d prefer simply to dive in and get started, we can help. QuanticMind’s SEM specialists are well-versed in coaching marketing teams to incredible results. Not only are we experts on the intricacies of machine learning and data science, we’re also always in the know about the most cutting-edge new techniques that can drive your performance to levels not seen before.

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Simon Hall

Simon Hall is the Content Marketing Manager at QuanticMind. He is using his experience in account development to design innovative programs that drive demand and create messaging that resonates with customers and empowers the sales organization to be successful. Simon earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine and Studio Arts from Loughborough University (UK) and a Diploma in International Studies at Hong Kong Design Institute (Hong Kong).

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