Fortune 100 Company Decreases CPA by 51% with QuanticMind’s Bespoke Automation Technology

“Since partnering with QuanticMind, we have seen a pretty significant decrease in our cost-per-acquisition (CPA), or an increase in our return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). But what’s more, they have allowed us to let a machine do the heavy lifting on bid management and let us concentrate more on the art of search marketing, ad copy, audiences, and remarketing, etc. QuanticMind essentially serves as the fourth person on our team.”

These are the words of Amie, the digital marketing leader at a Fortune 100 conglomerate in the manufacturing industry. The company today is seeing great returns from their online advertising initiatives, but things weren’t always looking so bright.

Rewind two years, and you would have seen a profoundly different story; one where performance had grown stagnant and the marketing organization was drowning in tasks centered around the management and formatting of data. Every campaign across their entire portfolio has its own unique set of performance goals. While a select few are eCommerce driven and therefore fairly easy to maintain, the rest have a focus on soft conversions, namely filling in a form, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading premium content, or watching a video online. The challenge they were facing back in mid-2017, then, was twofold:

1. Understanding how to optimize toward such a diverse set of conversion types;

2. Scaling their complex program effectively and efficiently.  

Amie was brought in to tackle these problems and she swiftly came to the conclusion that they needed to switch approach and work with technology backed by automation that could lift some of the operational burdens from her team. She reached out to QuanticMind at the recommendation of a fellow digital marketing professional and sought to learn more about the myriad ways we offer value and how we work to extract peak performance. Luckily for Amie, we’re experts in the two areas where she was seeking support and so conversations moved quickly and it wasn’t long before a new partnership was born.

Developing a Quality Working Relationship

From the very beginning, the two teams established a close working relationship and our integrations specialists set about creating a number of tailor-made functionalities designed to accommodate the quirks of this manufacturing giant’s business model. “The QuanticMind guys came out to our headquarters for two days and made sure we really understood all the ins and outs of how the platform worked”, Amie says. “They were immensely helpful in getting us through the initial transition, but also throughout the whole time since then: making sure we understand when things are new and when things are not working the way we’d expect them to. They’ve been amazing at pointing that stuff out to us.” 

To deliver on our promise of uncovering areas of opportunity and driving improved performance, we first had to perform some sophisticated back-end work to ensure Amie and her team were actually pulling in the right data. “We don’t have straightforward goals”, Amie explains. “Our goals within Google Analytics have to be set at an enterprise level and to what always makes sense for the individual business units that we have. The question at the outset was – how do we extract from Google Analytics the data that the QuanticMind algorithm needs in order to optimize effectively? Their team was great about understanding what it was that we needed to do and adding in components that enabled us to do that.”

Experiencing the Benefits of Utilizing AI-powered Bidding

Of course, this was just the first piece in the jigsaw with regards to what we wanted to achieve working together. Once everything was fully aligned and unified behind the scenes, it was time for our bespoke AI-powered bidding algorithms to deliver and help Amie optimize her paid advertising campaigns at greater scale and at deeper levels of granularity than previously possible. The way our solution is set-up within the bid policy, affording users the capacity to alter the KPI on a micro-level all the way to an ad-group, we can ultimately offer more flexibility that simply didn’t exist under their former methods. This allowed us to really get at what was important for their business.

In terms of executing the best advertising investments and propelling optimization – wish number 1 on Amie’s list – QuanticMind has empowered her digital marketing organization to decrease their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) by a massive 51% YoY. That’s a lot for one streamlined, cost-effective platform to provide. But that’s not all. The levels of automation now in play have freed up time – wish number 2 on Amie’s list – for the team to focus on tactics and strategies that can help the company grow. “QuanticMind has really served as the fourth person on our team”, Amie summarizes. “Speaking about how we operate, we have to be able to bill back any expenditure that hits us to a specific campaign or advertiser. The time that we would have been spending on those keyword-level optimizations is now being done by QuanticMind. It allows us to be more efficient with how our labor hours are being spent against our customers’ budgets.”

Wish You Could Work With Bespoke Automation Technology?

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