For Extra Marketing Budget, Let End-of-Year Spend Be With QuanticMind

For Extra Marketing Budget, Let End-of-Year Spend Be With QuanticMind

(And get up to $25K in credit if you sign on before 2019)

It’s already October, the holidays are just around the corner, and the end of 2018 is not too far behind. For you that means gauging spikes of holiday online traffic. It means analyzing Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending trends, and launching creative advertising campaigns around the mad rush of last-minute shoppers, capitalizing on all that holiday cheer and good will. It also means you’ll be closing out the final quarter and wrapping up budgets — making sure all your t’s are crossed and i’s dotted — to prepare for the 2019 New Year.

Amid navigating holiday schedules and staying on top of Out of Office messages, one of your many end-of-year tasks will likely be to spend all that leftover marketing budget by the end of 2018, or risk losing it forever. (These are good problems to have, trust us.)

Yes, we know there are a myriad ways to spend extra marketing budget — not the least of which include throwing a party for your department or sending customers a holiday fruit basket they’re sure to remember.

But let’s face it, while these things are certainly nice-to-haves (who doesn’t love a party) will they actually create value for your organization, either in the short- or long-term? Probably not.

We acknowledge that while ostensibly a good problem to have, finding strategic ways to spend leftover marketing dollars can also induce a considerable amount of anxiety — especially as the year draws nearer to a close and books are set to be balanced and shut until next year.

In a perfect world, you’ll want to invest in something that can actually generate revenue and create marketing efficiencies. You want something that can help you make sense of your customer data, streamline and create better-targeted campaigns and give a major boost to PPC ROI. Instead of the typical, and expected, last minute spend, you want to make a decision that has the potential to materially change your organization’s 2018 Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue.

So….why not sign on with QuanticMind — a next-generation predictive marketing platform — as a way to improve PPC efficiencies, increase pay-per-click advertising ROI and generate additional conversions that will allow you to close the quarter looking like a rock star. You’ll be investing in a tool that will help you understand and extract value from your data, providing important insights about the buying landscape and customer behavior that can be leveraged and measured against industry standards and your own internal metrics. And finally, you’ll be investing in a tool that will help you achieve a big leg up over the competition. In short, you’ll benefit from a host of tangible and demonstrable returns that will continue to be a critical piece of your PPC advertising strategy for years to come.

To get your 2019 started off on the right foot, we’re offering up to $25K in credit if you sign with QuanticMind before the end of the year. The net-net? You get to kill two birds with one stone — spend excess budget and put extra money back into your budget for 2019.

We all know that the New Year is about reflection on the past, but it’s also about looking ahead to the future — what you can do differently and better — going forward. As 2018 comes to a close, it’s always good to be thinking a few steps ahead when it comes to the future of your organization — your place in the market, your position against competitors and where you want to be.

Let QuanticMind not only help move the needle on your most important metric, let us be a part of your journey into the New Year.

To your success!


Stefanie Hoffman is a Content Marketing Manager at QuanticMind. As a former award winning journalist and public relations specialist, she specializes in the art of storytelling, with a passion for developing compelling narratives and creating strategy that drives brand awareness and elevates industry thought leaders. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Cornell College.