Dental Matchmakers Lift Profits by 246% with Predictive AI-Powered SEM Solution

Dental Matchmakers Lift Profits by 246% with AI-Powered Predictive SEM Solution

You’re the number one name in dentistry and you boast unparalleled expertise that comes with more than 30 years of industry leadership. You receive more than two million consumer inquiries and make more than 400,000 patient referrals every year.

Imagine the surprise, then, when you learn your marketing department is struggling to meet targets and urgently needs to implement some new, sophisticated strategies to overcome the growth plateau.

This was the problem facing 1-800-Dentist.

The promise to the independent dentist and orthodontic practitioners they serve is a pretty simple one: to funnel patients in each of their respective zip codes toward local offices and help build long-lasting relationships. Yet something was amiss, and they were regularly plagued by two significant challenges:

  • Wasted spend in select zip codes that didn’t fall into any of their clients’ catchment area;
  • Practices with unfilled appointment slots at the end of each month.

These challenges represented money both down the drain and left on the table.

This story is not unique to 1-800-Dentist, of course. A great many search marketers can attest that in the modern, highly competitive world of PPC advertising, it is difficult to drive consistent and unwavering growth. As the field has expanded and matured at an unrelenting pace, so too has the type and sheer amount of data involved. First-generation bidding solutions that use clunky, portfolio-style approaches are a thing of the past, making way for data science-powered point solutions that deliver fast and scalable performance. The SEM team at 1-800-Dentist knew it was time for the latter.

Building a Pathway for Scalable Growth

How do we fill empty appointment slots? How can we adjust bids according to availability? How can we target prospective patients more efficiently? These were the three questions 1-800-Dentist brought to QuanticMind and in short, we answered them. Emphatically.

Once 1-800 Dentist came aboard, they soon learned why a global community of data-driven marketers rely on QuanticMind to anticipate and execute the best and most granular advertising investments. Equipped with machine learning algorithms and distributed cloud computing infrastructure, the 1-800-Dentist team was quickly able to uncover hidden opportunities for growth, reduce spending and maximize conversions. “Especially when I first started, there were a lot of super-urgent questions,” recalls Kalle Tompros, senior SEM manager at 1-800-Dentist. “When I was getting up to speed on the program and the platform, it was very helpful to get the responses in a timely manner. It’s great to be working with a partner who knows Search well.”

QuanticMind was only just getting started though, and soon implemented a unique algorithm that leverages changes in 1-800-Dentist’s inventory feeds to edit campaigns and change bids in real time. This was the solution they had been looking for, and within months 1-800-Dentist was efficiently filling their clients’ schedules, automatically adjusting bids based on appointment availability, and in the process, eliminating wasted spend across their entire program. “I look to the QuanticMind team as an extension of my team here,” Tompros explains. “When things aren’t going well, I hop on a call with them and we figure it out together.”

Today, through these collaborative efforts, 1-800-Dentist has seen a strong uptick in performance, specifically:

  • A 118% increase in revenue.
  • A 246% lift in profits

Replicate These Results at Your Company

Want to see these same results at your organization? You can learn more about 1-800-Dentist’s frustrations and transformations in our case study and start building ideas for your own future marketing campaigns.

Simon Hall

Simon Hall is the Content Marketing Manager at QuanticMind. He is using his experience in account development to design innovative programs that drive demand and create messaging that resonates with customers and empowers the sales organization to be successful. Simon earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine and Studio Arts from Loughborough University (UK) and a Diploma in International Studies at Hong Kong Design Institute (Hong Kong).