3 Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Bid Management Platform Vendor

3 Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Bid Management Platform Vendor

Paid search optimization is a challenging field – one where you don’t need a slow, last-generation platform holding back your search engine marketing strategies. These 3 telltale signs mean it’s time to bid your platform farewell.

When looking at digital advertising trends, we face an increasingly complex world, one where we need to manage a lot more data, campaigns, and keywords than ever before. In addition, we also have to manage everything much more quickly while achieving breakthrough performance with stellar profitability and revenue. 

As a marketer myself, I know it’s not easy. But SEM professionals are in an even worse position if they’re still using a first-generation bid management platform. Why? Because many older SEM tools haven’t kept up with all the rapid changes we see in advertising. 

Here are three signs it’s time to fire your current bid management platform vendor: 

Your program performance has tanked 

Traffic has stalled. Conversions are flat or falling. You’re running all your marketing campaign management properly and doing everything right, so what’s the problem? Actually, your software could be the culprit. Are you stuck with rudimentary, first-generation automated bidding rules with your current platform, which are forcing you to invest tons of time and effort into manually managing your accounts? Do the algorithms allow for sophisticated and customizable metrics that empower PPC optimization for your business objectives? It’s difficult to maximize efficiency and performance when your bid management software can’t even keep up with your strategy. 

Competitors are outpacing you 

Flat performance often occurs because competitors are beating you to the punch. Maybe they’ve already migrated to tools that take advantage of machine learning and data science to help them consistently outperform your program. An outdated bid management tool could be placing you at a distinct competitive disadvantage. 

You can’t take full advantage of Enhanced Campaigns 

Does your current software automate important Enhanced Campaign modifiers, including time-of-day, day-of-week, device and geography? Many businesses experience different conversion rates based on factors such as whether it’s the weekend, what device is being used, and where consumers are located. It makes sense to automatically adjust bidding based on available data with Enhanced Campaigns so that you’re not overspending or leaving money on the table. 

These aren’t the only reasons to consider moving away from a legacy bid management solution to a modern, predictive advertising management platform. Learn more in our eBook, “8 Questions to Reevaluate Your Enterprise PPC Bid Management Software.”